The Manager For Twenty One Pilots Explains Why Discovery On Social Media Sometimes Beats Radio

“We knew early on that the power of discovery was something that we were fortunate to have – and that true discovery cannot be found in three minutes and 30 seconds of a song on radio,” Chris Woltman, founder of Element 1 and the manager of the hottest rock band of 2016, Twenty One Pilots reasons.

“Discovery could be in an image on Instagram that makes a potential fan ask ‘what’s that all about?’, a video on YouTube or a friend sharing a band that they just discovered – [things] that were not what the industry has traditionally viewed as being the key to success.

“The most significant way of discovery is when a band delivers such a powerful live experience that people come back next time and bring their friends. It’s been the anchor to the greatest rock bands in the world.

“We knew the [Blurryface] songs could end up on radio but we had the power of discovery so much on our side that we couldn’t not give it time.

“That process requires much more discipline and patience than just running a single to radio and then finding out in five or six weeks whether or not you’re going to stay around.”