London, Ontario Music Industry Wannabe? Here’s Your Career Day

A career in the music biz… is there really such a thing! The answer is YES!

London’s first Music Career Day aims to highlight the job opportunities that exist within the music sector. Live music alone contribute some 20,000+ jobs to the Ontario economy. Music is revered as one of three economic advantages for the province of Ontario and best of all, the music industry is seeing significant growth and partnerships with other creative industries.

The Music Industry is like an iceberg. 10% floats above water and is widely recognized as all there is to the music biz. We recognize, the performers, radio stations, record companies, but not much more beyond that. Music Career Day is here to show everyone the other 90% of the industry that supports the artist that isn’t as commonly talked about including Publicists, Venue Managers, Music Synchronizers, Placement Specialists, Entertainment Lawyers, Trackers, Sound Engineers, Tour Accountant, Session Musicians, Tourism Professionals, Business Manager and the list goes on!

Music Career Day will bring together Londoners to see and hear firsthand how to build a career in the music industry over the course of one day, Friday November 17, 2017. This event is targeted towards high school students. Free to attend but must register in advance.

Speakers will cover a wide variety of topics and career paths. Some highlighted careers include Songwriters, producers, A & R, Music Synchronization, Publishing, Royalties, Radio Tracking, Promoter, venue manager, Social Media Specialist, Public Relations and Music Industry Development and Incubation.

Attendees will have the chance to listen to panel discussion, key note presentations, interact one-on-one in the mentor lounge and discuss careers with industry professionals in breakout sessions. The Day wouldn’t be complete without musical performances.

The event runs from 9:00am through to 4:00pm. A 45 min lunch break will be provided and the day will wrap up with a 30 minute networking and mingle event. You can RSVP here.