Musicians Welcome Signs installed at Live Music Venues with Loading Zones

Recently, four of Hamilton’s live music venues received additional signage outside their venues welcoming musicians. These signs signify one of the steps in building and visually demonstrating a city that is supportive of our vibrant music scene and its artists.

The idea for this project was brought forward as a recommendation by the Music Industry Working Committee (MIWC) and Hamilton Live Music Venue Alliance earlier this year. In response to this advice, city staff in Tourism and Culture and Parking & By-law Services worked together to identify solutions that addressed the MIWC’s suggestions and concerns.

Now, when musicians and their teams need to park in the loading zones the owner of the venue will lend them a sign to place in the windshield of their vehicle, which signals to by-law enforcement staff that there’s a musician who requires this space to unload. The intention of the welcome signs is to do just that – welcome musicians to use these areas when they are loading/unloading, basically letting musicians/bands know they can use this space and what the rules are to avoid getting a ticket. It also reminds others that musicians need these spots for their work.