Funko Has Created A Cute Version Of ‘Stranger Things’ Dart And The Punk Eleven

Funko can’t get enough of The Netflix Original Series Stranger Things, so they’re introducing a new SuperCute Plush and Pop! series to go along with Stranger Things 2: SuperCute Plush: Stranger Things – Dart

This SuperCute Plush features the life cycle of Dustin’s new friend Dart as a cute, but terrifying, plush nesting doll. The rapidly growing Dart starts as a small 1” pollywog, then a 2” slug, and finally Dart becomes a 9” tall Demodog! Each stage of Dart fits comfortably inside the other.

Their newest Pop! vinyl from Stranger Things 2 features the candy-eating Dart!
Look for the chase! A rarity of 1-in-6.

Also, a frightening 6” version of the original Demogorgon!

The Demogorgon is featured as an 8-Bit Pop at Target, complete with a chase piece.

At Hot Topic look for Dustin and his new pal Dart!

Eleven featured in her new punk look, too.

Arriving at BoxLunch stores and in December!