Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On January 24, 2018 From The Indie World

The Leers
I Can’t Cope
Aukland natives The Leers give a strident beat to your morning or late-night feel good vibe.

DJ Funsize
Day Dreaming
He says, “Music, travel, smile and be happy. What more is needed in life?” If the music is this track, nothing else, sir, nothing else.

J. Schnitt
All Her Favorite Tunes
Part poet, part folk singer, part indie-rocker, and part mad-scientist, J. Schnitt is graceful in this song, and possesses and smooth sailing vibe from start to finish. Fans of early R.E.M., listen to this. Superb stuff.

Jon Spear Band
Bottom of the Bottle
It’s Friday night in a smokey bar, and this song is playing. You’ve got a bottle of whatever in your hand. You can’t dance, but you dance. You can’t sing, but you do. Just don’t drown out this band, ok? It’s what we all came here to see and hear. A modern version of Led Zep, Black Crowes and Allmans are offered up. Tip your waitress and band nicely.

Felix Koopa
Inspired by early legends of the ’60s and ’70s, Felix is taking it back with a taste of modern indie soul from his hometown of New Orleans. Programmers of SiriusXM’s Underground Garage need this on your playlisting now. It’s some serious and drity modern grooves.

Mines Falls
In the Rain
This band of brothers, literally, respects each other’s methods, and contracts the piano, drums, and soaring verses and deeper chorus to max effect. An attractive approach to songwriting, you wonder if they’ve got a stadium-shaking anthem in them like U2 or The Alarm or Coldplay. Don’t bet against it, brother.

Casual Male
Time, Wasted
This song gets a 10/10 for me for the excellent use of a comma in the title. They’re from Brooklyn, New York, so you know they’re going to kick your butt like The Stokes did once, and they’re ready to take over the mantle. Innovative and just wait until the guitars kick in, you’ll be dancing in no time.

Flavia Abadía
Flavia is a Colombian and French-Canadian artist, singer-songwriter and DJ with talent in spades. Some official recognition is in order here for what is looking to be the start of a very busy and fruitful year for her. The track is squirrly, and sheer brilliant, really. Give it a listen, and play it after dark.

Ian Mahan
A Colorado transplant from small-town Illinois, singer-songwriter Ian Mahan has spent the last decade writing and performing music in more places you’ve likely found on the map of America. His quality of songwriting takes years to develop, and he’s got it down. Showing off his best effect of alt.folk and roots, fans of Ryan Adams, Vanessa Carlton, Howie Day will dig this. This is quality, right here.

Stay With Me
A fusion of modernized Massive Attack, drug-free Flying Lotus and spicy Bonobo.The instruments flourish to his voice perfectly in a rare melodic EDM you can actually sing along to. A promising artist definitely to watch, and listen for.