Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On January 26, 2018 From The Indie World

White Lotus
Pyra is an aspiring, independent artist from Bangkok producing an electronic tune with a smooth addition of a soulful, R&B-style vocal. When, not if, she gets signed by a major label or cool indie, you’re going to remember when you heard her with this track.

Cyrus Temple
LA-based producer with silky vocals, hip-hop drums, synths, and guitar. Concise and knows exactly what he wants to create. It’s rare to see this vision so early, and one to watch.

Cale Hawkins
Deep Dream
New York-based Hawkins is releasing a song every 8 weeks and if he continues to display his freshness and invention of his nifty po-crafted tunes, by December, he’ll be a legend.

Origami Heart
Origami Heart is the fourth single from Vancouver-based moody electropop duo. The song tells the sad story of what happens when you change your shape to accommodate a new lover too many times. See? There’s a great title, now, right? Brilliant imagery, and mild 80s funk keyboards and rhythms flesh out an excellent track perfect to start your day.

Malik Elarbi
Never Need To
A subtle grower worthy of a closer look and listen into the psyche of artist on the rise.

Dirt Train
The vocals were recorded live with no edits, and sounds like a long-lost 70s track from The Faces done by The Black Crowes. Huge riffs, too.

Matt Dorrien
Baby I’m So Lost
“Cold and grey / I’m not okay, dear.” NPR turned me onto this fantastically dark artist, who might understand the Great American Songbook better than anyone under the age of 40 right now.

If you love Sigur Ros and the more late-period Talk Talk, here’s your next favourite group.

Harrison Kipner
A cool beat with tunes, harmonies, new wave keyboards and got my head boppin’ up and down for the rest of the afternoon.

Leah Capelle
After her highly acclaimed “Joshua EP”, this alt pop rock artist out of LA continues to blast through the vibe of such kick-butt artists like Chrissie Hynde, The Breeders, and Joan Jett with a ahhhh-segment The Beach Boys would kill for. She’s got staying power thanks to her upfront melodies.

Cut Chemist
Metalstorm ft. Edan & Mr. Lif

Metalstorm is the sequel to Storm which was featured on Cut’s 2006 LP, The Audience’s Listening. The song features strong and powerful lyrics with a unique video produced by Cut himself.

The Million Reasons

This song brings back the Rock & Roll sound of bands similar to Jet. Check out their debut EP The Runaround.

Juan Donovan
Chains (feat. Danni Jackson)
If you love Demi Lovato’s “Tell Me You Love Me” you’ll have this song on repeat.

Retro Kid
Neon Colours
Neon Colours is a song about Retro Kid’s favourite smokey bodega / pub in Copenhagen called Cafe Malmö. This song is a unique mix of Jazz and Electro Pop that makes you feel like you’re at the Cafe Malmö with the barflies.

Private Victories
Red Eyes (War on Drugs cover)
Private Victories stripped version of Red Eyes has brought even more meaning and emotion to this great song.

Cale Hawkins
Deep Dream
If you love song from the Beatles, check out Cale Hawkins. The song is an open work about addiction, depression, heartbreak and insomnia, depending on the listener’s interpretation.