A Celebration & Fundraiser for A Man Called Wrycraft Held At Hugh’s Room In Toronto

Michael Wrycraft is known and loved for his unquenchable enthusiasm for music. His Juno award-winning album art and poster art creations are everywhere, and many of Canada’s top musical artists and festivals have hired him for his versatile and beautiful talents. He has had to face challenges such as the recent loss of both legs, and did so with bravery and humour. Now comes the time for the community to celebrate him, raise money, and send our very best wishes to him as he begins the next cycle of creativity and prosperity.

Renowned Toronto music producer & multi-instrumentalist George Koller has teamed up with Hugh’s Room Live Board member & Canadian Folk Music Awards co-founder, Judith Laskin,  and highly regarded guitar maker & artist Grit Laskin to organize The Art of Music – A Celebration And Fundraiser for Michael Wrycraft – assisted by the good folks and publicity team at Hugh’s Room Live. The organizers have curated a special night of intimate songs and stories from some of his friends, clients and supporters. On the star-studded and musically diverse bill so far are:

Tom Wilson
James Keelaghan
Carlos Del Junco
Chloe Charles
Wendell Ferguson
Gary Craig
Kevin Fox
Jon Brooks
Katherine Wheatley
Treasa Levasseur
Sharlene Wallace
George Koller
and your host for the evening:          Jaymz Bee

And the best news…Michael Wrycraft will be there!

“Michael Wrycraft is one of the most loved and admired people in the community. I am thrilled to present this concert, along with George Koller and Grit Laskin, to support him. It gives the community a way to let him know how valued he is. As the master of the “tribute concert genre” at Hugh’s Room Live, I can’t think of a better way than to honour him with this exciting and heartfelt event. “ so says co-presenter, Judith Laskin.

“Michael was recently featured as an Unsung Hero of Toronto music by Brad Wheeler in The Globe and Mail, and that’s exactly what he is,” says George Koller. “He’s the best art designer in the history of Canadian music, bar none, and also a passionate concert promoter who’s given hundreds of artists the chance to shine on the Hugh’s Room Live stage. Now, he needs us to rally behind him, and it’s my pleasure to be part of this special evening in his honour.”

“Michael has done so much behind the scenes to grow and nurture roots music in Canada,” adds Grit Laskin. “We’re thrilled to be able to give back, and also that Michael will be able to enjoy this tribute concert in one of his favourite music spaces at Trinity-St. Paul’s.”

Tickets are available here.