A device that uses the energy of the plants to create music… Wait…What?

You’re not going to be-leaf this, but a company has come up with an invention that uses the energy of plants to create music. Green Note comes with two connectors; One needs to be attached to a leaf, you choose :), and the second one inserted in the soil, next to the stem. These two connectors will be able to read the energy between them, which is sent to the main device where it can be transform into music!

After connecting the device to the plant, you are all set! On the top of the device you will find a button, touch it and Green Note will turn itself on which will start receiving the plant impulses.

Green Note converts the electrical impulses of the plant into sound, letting you listen to your plant. If you interact with the plant, touching, watering or simply letting it under the sun, the melody will change since the plant becomes more active.