Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On February 8, 2018 From The Indie World

Grad Party
Make You Better
They met at college. Bowers plays guitar. Ladd plays the keys. Both of them sing. How come there were no people like this when I went to school? I would have killed to be their third in a trio, even without any of my musical talent, just to watch how the magic of songwriting happens. Just soulful and lovely.

Niclas Lundin
Something About You
This Swedish-based writer has penned songs for Rick Springfield, Andreas Moe, and James LaBrie, which continues for everyone else in the music industry to ask, what is in the water over there? Invest in him, and you’ll find the rewards of great songwriting and performance, right here.

The Unlikely Candidates
Oh My Dear Lord
At the same deep end of Imagine Dragons’ pool, this band is more straightforward to get to the punch, and still has as much of the verve to ward off the competition. I bet they’re killer live.

Set Mo
Nightmares Feat. Scott Quinn
This banger of a track’s verses move forward until you know the big chorus is coming up. It doesn’t disappoint. So compelling, I listened to it twice before taking a breath and sharing it here.

The Engagement
Home (featuring Hayley Beatson)
Melbourne’s Fox FM described the project as “a cool 80’s/retro sound”, while Triple M personality Jane Gazzo simply called it “Fantastic”. I LOVE both stations, so this was an interesting listen for me – a cross between Muse and Coldplay, it’s organic enough to get them fans, and fast. Watch this song climb the charts if there’s any justice.

Michel Bellens
Only Love
More poppier than R&B, more silkier than your bedroom sheets, this is a gorgeous soul anthem in the making.

Clement Bazin
An exercise in the house genre influence still being felt today. It’s a long way from the 90s, but this sends me back right into those clubs.

Formed in DC in 2013 by a group of college friends with a mutual love for Radiohead, hypnotic grooves, and improvisation, they turn the rock genre on its head, revealing every ambition and coolness it should always have.

Mr Gabriel
Millennial Falcon
A knack for creating ear-worming melodies that cut through the sheer noise of whatever else you’ve heard today.

Tai Shan
Oldest Lullaby
Written about a woman who was addicted to the sand that would make her sleep from Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel Sandman. So, if you’re a fan of him, or Eva Cassidy, or just a soothing sound before falling into slumber, you’ll be playing this one a lot.

Gerry Liberty
Boom Boom
Let’s take a wild guess. Play this one, and you’ll be wanting to go to a club in seconds. You, too, right? Find grooves from start to finish.

Markus meo
Let’s Be Together
Born in Glasgow, and now based in Australia, Markus has the elegance of MOR 80s hit singles, and that’s a really tough style to do without irony. But there’s a reason why those songs still hold up, prom after prom. Staggering in the vibe and sound.