Amanda Palmer Writes A Song And Essay Honouring Judy Blume

In honour of young adult author Judy Blume turning 80 this week, Amanda Palmer wrote an essay – and a song – letting us all know we weren’t the only ones reading her influential work.

In her essay, “Why Judy Blume Matters,” Amanda writes how powerful the characters thought up by Judy still resonate with her.

Perhaps the biggest compliment you could give a writer ― or a writer of youth fiction ― is that they’re so indelible they vanish into memory, the way a dream slips away upon waking because it’s so deeply knitted into the fabric of your subconscious. The experiences of her teenage characters ― Deenie, Davey, Tony, Jill, Margaret ― are so thoroughly enmeshed with my own memories that the line between fact and fiction is deliciously thin. My memories of these characters, though I’d prefer to call them “people” ― of Deenie getting felt up in the dark locker room during the school dance; of Davey listlessly making and stirring a cup of tea that she has no intention of drinking; of Jill watching Linda, the fat girl in her class, being tormented by giggling bullies ― are all as vivid, if not more so, as my own memories…