The Perfect Gift For Any Morrissey Fan Is Here

Check out this full, graphic exploration of Morrissey’s musical influences, from girl groups to glam rockers, pop idols to obscurities, created by Alejandro De Luna, and available for sale here. This music poster looks at the diverse artists and genres involved and joins them up in a comprehensive, endlessly fascinating infographic.

This unique infographic print features:

  • songs by other artists that Morrissey and The Smiths have covered;
  • every song mentioned in Morrissey’s autobiography;
  • the songs Morrissey features pre-show, post-show and for his stage entrance;
  • lists of Morrissey’s favourite songs from Desert Island Discs, Under The Influence, Singles To Be Cremated With and others;
  • Morrissey’s favourite LPs, such as Raw Powerby Iggy & The Stooges, Horses by Patti Smith and Born To Quit by The Smoking Popes.

Morrissey is a man of idiosyncratic tastes, expressed through the cultural figureheads displayed on The Smiths’ iconic record sleeves, provocative lyrical topics and the many different musical influences reflected in his solo music and that of The Smiths.

There are over 80 artists features in the main body of the poster, with around a further 350 featured in the sidebar text.