Toronto’s Luminato Festival Seeking 100 Electric Guitar Players For George Harrison Tribute Concert

Whether you normally play salsa or Sibelius, hi-life or Hendrix, St Vincent or Justin Bieber – this orchestra is for you! Toronto’s Luminato Festival is seeking 100 electric guitar enthusiasts to perform in While 100 Guitars Gently Weep, concerto for George Harrison by composer and soloist Tim Brady.

Since 2015, composer/guitarist Tim Brady has been creating site-specific works for mass ensembles of electric guitars, enlivening shopping malls, old railway buildings and hockey arenas. Now, Luminato has commissioned him to write a new work for 100 spatialized guitars to pay homage to George Harrison, who would have been 75 years old in 2018. With a mix of professional and community musicians, While 100 Guitars Gently Weep – Concerto for George is a monumental new work that celebrates the electric guitar and the sheer joy of playing it out loud, in public for all to hear!

Guitarists should have played for at least two years, feel somewhat comfortable with basic barre chords (major and minor) up to the 7th fret, be willing to work with very basic music notation, and, most importantly, be interested in working with 99 other guitarists in creating a truly unique artistic experience and expanding their musical horizons.

After you audition, Tim Brady will select a final company of 100 electric guitarists who will be part of Instruments of Happiness. Shortly after guitarists will be selected, video tutorials will be available to begin learning the piece.

Audition details:
Saturday, March 17
1–5 PM
Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street
No need to sign up, just arrive with guitar and cable in hand. They will supply the amp.

June 9 to June 15
Rehearsals will take place as a group. Time and location will be announced later.

Saturday, June 16
11 AM – 3:30 PM
Allen Lambert Galleria
Brookfield Place, Toronto

Questions? or email or call 416 368 3100 x 229.