Canadian Company Back on Track and the Canadian Kennel Club Announce Thrilling New Partnership

In what might be described as a “paws across the water” collaboration, Back on Track, distributor of the therapeutic functional fabric line Welltex and the Canadian Kennel Club, the primary registry body for purebred dogs in Canada, announce a multi-faceted, exclusive multi-year partnership destined to benefit both dogs and their two-legged stewards.

The partnership between Back on Track and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) pivots on several exciting key points, namely: Back on Track will serve as a sponsor of CKC’s esteemed Top Dogs Program, awarded annually to Canada’s top dogs who accumulate points throughout the year at CKC-sanctioned events. As well, Back on Track will be the exclusive therapeutic supplier of wearable human and dog products to CKC, which will be available in CKC’s online store.

And there’s more. Back on Track, in partnership with a leading Canadian veterinarian, will present a series of blogs with advice and information on sport-dog injuries and leading-edge rehabilitation strategies published on CKC’s blog, The Dish. This valuable content will support CKC’s 19,000 members and all Canadian dog owners as they pursue their passion for participating in dog sports. Stay tuned for additional benefits exclusively for CKC members.

Back on Track — first on the market and continually at the forefront of therapeutic fabric technology assisting dogs, horses, and humans with a wide selection of outstanding products like leg wraps, braces, blankets, and mats — is delighted to align with the esteemed CKC, which registers some 50,000 puppies per year while sanctioning 3,000 events at 600 breed and performance clubs.

Back on Track sells therapeutic human, horse and dog products that are specifically designed to positively impact chronic pain and athletic pain symptoms using a functional fabric called Welltex. Established in Sweden in 2000 by a medical doctor, Welltex is the fusion of bio-ceramic minerals with fabric thread that has the ability to absorb near-infrared energy waves of the body (the body’s heat signature) and release back into the body far-infrared energy waves. The latter are emitted back into the tissue to a depth of several centimetres, resulting in vaso-dilation which increases blood circulation and oxygen delivery on a cellular level. The result is a non-invasive pain management tool which may help relieve muscle tension and strengthen the body’s own ability to reduce inflammation, manage pain, and heal injuries. Whether in the form of a soothing dog blanket for performance canines, an agility-enhancing leg wrap for competitive dogs or a supportive knee brace for humans, Back on Track® products perceptibly combat pain and boost strength and dexterity… whatever the species. Thousands of users worldwide testify to the power of Welltex which was first on the market and remains at the forefront of therapeutic fabric technology with a wide selection of products.