Watch: Robert Plant’s “New World” Featured in Shepard Fairey Video

Artist Shepard Fairey has shared a video featuring Robert Plant’s song “New World,” from his new album, Carry Fire, and images by Fairey and fellow artist Ernesto Yerena inspired by photographs by Aaron Huey.

“Every day our senses are assaulted by the ridiculous,” writes Plant. “It’s not so long ago that today’s plots and wrangles between nation governments would seem too far-fetched to inspire a Hollywood blockbuster. The perversions and struggles leave a shadow over the spirit of the people and the land. It’s not an original sin. Every era bears the burden of chaos and warmongering. Time immemorial.

“‘New World’ is a comment on a recent history of conquest and submission. How fitting that Shepard Fairey, Aaron Huey, and Ernesto Yerena complemented our music in such a way. They are artists of great conscience and sensitivity. I’m most grateful. I’m also pleased to add my support to Honor the Earth.”