Alternative Rock Band The Kills And Seagram’s 7 Crown Salute Dive Bars Across The Country With Re-Mastered Jukebox Tunes For National Dive Bar Day

From your favorite casual dive to your neighborhood pub, Seagram’s 7 Crown toasts watering holes across the country for its second annual National Dive Bar Day celebration on July 7. This year, the American whiskey is collaborating with indie rock duo, The Kills, to re-release two songs the band re-mastered for dive bar jukeboxes nationwide.  On July 7, dive bar goers can raise a glass to these beloved American institutions while enjoying The Kills’ re-released versions of Blue Moon and Night Train, complimentary to consumers across targeted TouchTunes jukeboxes in honor of National Dive Bar Day.

The re-released versions of Blue Moon and Night Train were re-mastered specifically for TouchTunes dive bar jukeboxes, honoring the laid-back and often historic hidden gems where The Kills got their start.  Both songs will also be cut on a limited edition 7″ vinyl record for the very first time in the U.S. and available at events on National Dive Bar Day in these seven cities: Dallas, TXDenver, COJacksonville, FLNashville, TNNew York, NYSacramento, CA and Seattle, WA.

“Dive bars are about getting together with friends and enjoying great music over a simple, straightforward drink, like a 7 & 7,” said Diageo Brand Director Jason Sorley. “We’re honored to work with The Kills this National Dive Bar Day to celebrate our favorite dives and shine a light on what makes them so great. We hope everyone will join us in supporting their local hangout on July 7 so that dive bars everywhere can continue to thrive.”

Seagram’s 7 Crown started National Dive Bar Day last year, fittingly taking place on July 7 in honor of the quintessential dive bar drink, the 7 & 7.  National Dive Bar Day, which is officially recognized by the National Day Calendar, is part of the brand’s year-round commitment to its Save the Dive Bar initiative.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Seagram’s 7 for National Dive Bar Day and give these songs new energy as a toast to dive bars everywhere. Blue Moon and Night Train were written in dive bars, so this seemed like a perfect tribute,” said Alison Mosshart, lead vocalist for The Kills. “There’s such a rich history and feeling of inclusiveness that has always attracted us to these types of places. We’ve seen some of our favorite spots close over the years, which is just another reason why Seagram’s 7’s mission to Save the Dive Bar really hit home,” added lead guitarist for The Kills, Jamie Hince.

While they were recorded several years apart, both Blue Moon and Night Train were produced at Key Club in Benton Harbor, Michigan, where Mosshart and Hince spent time between sessions hitting up the local dive bar scene. Sonically, the two songs are very different, but the re-mastered versions bring them closer together, pairing two moments in time that were instrumental in the band’s growth.

Seagram’s 7 Crown is a carefully blended American whiskey aged in oak with a rich and casual history. The whiskey shares a storied past with dive bars, as both have been an integral part of American drinking culture. To learn more about National Dive Bar Day and the Save the Dive Bar initiative, adults 21 and older can visit or follow the #NationalDiveBarDay conversation on social media. And, don’t forget to head to your local dive bar on July 7 to responsibly enjoy a 7 & 7 and ensure all our favorite dive bars live to see another day.