Playing Poker Online vs Playing Poker at the Casino

Poker is the name of the game. It’s played fast and furious with monster-sized pots up for grabs. Poker is a skill-based game with a dollop of good fortune thrown in. This casino card game is a war of attrition; players grind it out to overcome the opposition with a series of tactical and strategic maneuvers. It’s all about forming the highest-ranking hand, or bluffing your way to victory by masquerading as the strongest player at the table. Show no mercy, keep a poker face and play your way to the final table.

As a poker aficionado, you’ve got plenty of options available. You can try your hand at traditional poker in a poker room with live poker action. For those who prefer to diversify their game, online poker is the perfect conduit. Regardless, when it comes time to shuffle up and deal, poker reigns supreme. Champions of this game routinely strut their stuff on the highest stage, contest after contest, year after year. Big names like Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Colman, Eric Seidel, and Daniel Negreanu are household faves among poker connoisseurs.

Most of the ranking poker players enjoy mixing it up with a combination of live poker play at a poker room in person, and online poker play with the latest technological innovations. Saddle up for the ultimate guide to playing online poker versus playing poker at the casino. We are about to take you under cover with the pros and cons of each option. Believe it or not, you can really mint it in style with this strategy-based game. Let’s examine online poker and the fabulous benefits you get to enjoy with version of the game.

Pros of Playing Online Poker

  • Don’t Worry About Tells – the only ‘giveaway’ is the time spent between decisions. So, when you buy in, and it’s your turn to act, you can rest assured that that nervous twitch in your eye, or that tapping foot won’t give you away. Online poker lets you focus on the game without worrying about poker tells. For a beginner, this is a fantastic advantage. Nobody will be reading your face (be careful of face-to-face poker) and nobody will be watching your body language (same caveat).
  • Play on the Go No Holds Barred – thinking of playing poker on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet? The world’s premier online poker rooms make all this possible for you. You can simply download the app at your favorite online poker room, deposit cash and play on the go. No need to take time off work, plan a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City – simply whip out your mobile, tablet or iPad and game on the go.
  • Best to play if you’re in a Rush – it’s go, go, go time! Poker players love to cash in on the action as quickly as possible. Who’s got time to wait for a new game to form, while the casino is setting up the table? With online poker you don’t need to worry about any of that. You simply play whenever you want because the games run around-the-clock. You can play according to your schedule, not somebody else’s. And here’s the thing: you can play poker in the bath, on the train, in bed, at the beach, pretty much anywhere you want online. Of course, if you’re looking for real money poker play be sure that you are in a fully regulated jurisdiction.
  • Lots of Action – this is a big plus with online poker. In a standard live game of poker at a casino poker room, you’re lucky to get 30 hands per hour. Of course, this depends on the quality of the poker dealer. When you play online poker, you can increase your play rate significantly. How? You can multi-table at your leisure, playing lots of games simultaneously. Some poker rooms like 888poker have fast-fold poker games where you are automatically dealt into a new game as soon as you fold. For savvy poker players, the option to multi-table is unbelievably exciting, and potentially rewarding too.
  • Cash in with Big Bonuses and Promotions – that’s right poker fans! When you play online poker at a reputable poker room, you are privy to some pretty amazing bonuses and promotional offers. Be sure to shop around for the best welcome bonus package. Poker promos typically include matching deposit bonuses, bad beat bonuses, rewards and much more. Contact customer support for details of the latest offers, terms and conditions.
  • Incredible Game Variety – online poker does not limit you to Texas Hold’em alone; you can play Razz, Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi, Badugi, 7 Card Stud, and more. And here’s the clincher – you get to play fixed limit (FL), no limit (NL), and pot limit (PL) games. Choose your variance, your buy-in, and the level of competition you’re looking for. That’s the beauty of online poker, it’s tailor-made to specs.
  • Amazing Stats and Analysis – online poker is loaded with hand histories, playbacks, and reviews. You can relive incredible hands, great bluffs, and big wins. Don’t worry about other players tracking you online – expect nothing less than Fort-Knox-style security.

Benefits of Playing Live Poker at the Casino

  • The Ambience – this is as real as it gets folks. When you get seated with players at your table, it’s the real deal. You’re about to embark on the most competitive in-person gaming experience imaginable. The atmosphere is electric; the players are riveted to the game, and the action flows thick and fast. Live poker is supercharged with emotion, competition, and all sorts of psychological nuances.
  • You Get to Meet and Greet Other Players – if you’re a social type of poker player, live poker at the casino is your bread-and-butter. It’s a great way to socialize with fellow poker aficionados, shoot the breeze, and make new buddies. Plus, in between games you can check out the hottest slots, keno, bingo, and other games at the casino. Some of the best friends you’ll make are at poker rooms, particularly the regulars who tend to stick around for a long time.
  • You Can Smoke and Drink Among Friends – this is only a positive if you enjoy smoking and drinking among friends. If not, you’re probably better off playing online poker from your personal confines.
  • An Excellent Option for High Rollers – if you enjoy throwing down C notes at the tables, live poker is your cup of tea. Most of the players are not going to be playing for chump change like they do at low stakes online poker rooms. This is the heavy-hitters arena, and you better be prepared to throw down like the rest of them.
  • You Can Read Player Tells – ever noticed how that player at the far end of the table starts to perspire when he’s got a good hand? Maybe his hand starts twitching uncontrollably? Use this to your advantage at live poker tables. Just don’t fall into the trap of giving anything away!

There you have it folks! Some of the pros and cons of playing at an online poker room versus playing at a live poker room. Each player has a different reason for choosing one or the other, but this list provides just enough juicy info to make your play more profitable.