Five of the Best Ozzy Osbourne Songs

Every once in awhile comes along a rock superstar that takes the genre of music as his own and become a living icon, and there aren’t many musicians past or present that can claim to have the influence the Ozzy Osbourne has had with metal.

Osbourne is still one of the most celebrated icons to have come out of Birmingham, and We Love Brum are constantly waxing lyrical about the superstar. But his rise back to the top of the music world after his firing from Black Sabbath in 1979 couldn’t have been possible without the support of his management, wife and of course, hit songs. But, which songs have stood the test of time and remain prominent to this day?

Hellraiser (1991)

One of the songs that saw Osbourne gain traction again on the rock scene was this song, which was written by Osbourne and Lemmy from Motorhead. Both recorded their own versions, and the debate over which was best continues to rumble on. But, for us, it was Ozzy’s. It was bound to be a classic once you learned about the rock talent behind the song.

I Don’t Know (1980)

Osbourne’s true musical genius was displayed on this song and stayed relevant throughout the entirety of his first solo album. His jaw-dropping neoclassical style was first introduced to the world with this record, and the depth in this song is astounding. The theme of Osbourne pleading his ignorance to the future of mankind adds a future element to this brilliant song.

Mr Crowley (1980)

One song that would get to the top of almost all Ozzy fans lists would be this song. It hooks you in from the very first couple of seconds, and when the scream of ‘Mister Crowley’ is brought in, you’re enticed. The song was inspired by Aleister Crowley, and while it may not be the quickest or heaviest, it is certainly one of the most powerful Osbourne songs. Randy Rhoads’ solo in this song was voted as one of the best of all-time, and that highlights just how strong this song is.

No More Tears (1991)

One of the best things that Ozzy has done throughout his career is working with top-class musicians and has offered others a chance to step up and become noticed. However, this song is one of his more ambitious songs, and the song bubbles away underneath a growing halo of clean synths and guitar lines. There are plenty of metal riffs in this, but it’s the lyrics that really capture the imagination. It is one of the most layered Osbourne songs and is one of his most beloved.

Crazy Train (1980)

The absolute undoubted classic Osbourne song is this one. The intro is unforgettable, and when Ozzy pitches his verses, the listener is onboard. The whole song is infectious and once it has ended you just want to play it over, and over again. It is a true classic in every sense of the phrase, and the references to the Cold War remain relevant even to this day.