There are lots of false impressions these days when it comes to using detox pills for THC. It is practically difficult to get a full detox for a drug test during a short period. But there is a chance of passing the drug test when using the right pills.

Detoxing for a drug test

If you want to pass a drug test by being genuinely clean, then you have to detox your body. The best thing to do will be to stay completely off the drug. Some pills can help in reducing the appearance if weed in the system but going all-natural is another alternative. Sites like noonproposition56 provide more information THC drugs.

Natural detox for the drug test

Going on a natural detox is always much more preferable as compared to relying on detox pills.

Forgoing on a natural detox, here are a few tips to carry out:

  • The first thing will be to take a break from taking in all toxins.
  • Next, stop taking in anything that contains things like tobacco and alcohol
  • Cut out from eating processed foods and fat. Also avoid eating lean proteins, wholegrain, and vegetables.
  • Make sure to exercise every single day, to sweat well and drink lots of water.
  • Above all make sure to sleep and rest well.

Following this natural detox gives the body the best opportunity of getting rid of any drug contaminants at a quick and clean rate.

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How THC toxins work differ from other drug metabolites

THC drugs get more attached to cells in the body, and fat cells more than any other drug toxins reason why they take more time to leave the system as compared to others. The drugs can only get released via the bowels and bladder only after a couple of days, weeks and in more serious cases, it can extend to months.

Natural detox sometimes may not be able to get completely rid of the toxic substances in the body but doing it frequently can get the drugs out.

How long does it take to get rid of THC drugs from the system?

There is no specific time as to when the THC drug can be gotten rid completely from the system but on average, it can take about 2 to 4 weeks depending on the method used to get off the drugs.

This period duration is for a heavy weed smoker but within the first two weeks, the drug always starts reducing from the system. This can only be possible if the natural detox method is followed effectively.


Even though some drugs and pills can aid in getting rid of THC drugs from the system, the natural detox method is even safer and affective though it can take a longer period.