How to Understand that You are Passionate about Writing

No one becomes a famous writer right away. The success comes after hard work, perseverance, disappointments, and failures. But what really matters is your desirability to write and improve your writing.
Are you sure you can call yourself a passionate writer? Are you capable of creating decent content? Do you read 5 books at a time? Are you ready to get up and keep moving forward after every new failure?
And the main question: Is everything listed above really necessary to be a passionate writer?
Let`s sort it out: each and every passionate writer has different approach and career path: Arthur Conan Doyle was a surgeon at a first place; Jack Kerouac used to work as a dishwasher to earn for living; Frank O’Hara was a museum clerk and wrote most of his masterpieces during his lunch brakes — so there is no common line between them, except one — passionate writing attitude.
But, practically, how to understand whether you really have this passion for writing, or is it just a fleeting `crush`?
Let`s figure it out!
Top 8 hints to understand if you are Passionate about Writing:
— You enjoy the process.
You are ready to work around the clock for another essay. Sometimes, your thought like “I need someone to write my essay” pops in your mind, but you are also that person who can literally `do your essay for yourself” and perhaps even help someone to write theirs. Your thoughts assemble into the sentences in the right way and what is more important — you do enjoy it!
— You respect the deadlines, but even more, you respect the craft itself and the way it inspires people.
You know your limits and your responsibilities. you also respect other people’s work and achievements. You respect rules. BUT, if it comes to inspiration, you will choose it, and sometimes you will cross the lines to be as fruitful as possible.
— You are curious.
Yes, curiosity means a lot. If you’re the one who never stops discovering, digging into the depths of the meaning, striving to understand and convey to the public. If you find the sticking difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom, mugs and cups, ethnicity and nationality and all in all – affect and effect, — you have all the inclinations to be passionate about writing!
— You are ready to debate with a prof
A.Christie is one of the best detective writers ever seen, and she was definitely aware of the role of arguments and proofs. And even if this conversation threatens to repeat the literature class you’ve attended recently, you are ready to prove your knowledge, supporting it with logic and arguments — that`s a skill!
— There is an endless stream of writing ideas in your head.
You are receiving ideas 24/7, you reflect them, you share, you support, and sometimes you are ready to pay someone to get rid of them at least for a moment. It’s a good sign too, which, perhaps, means that it is not just you who admire writing, but it’s your destiny to do so.
— You are ready to rewrite.
Rewrite but not to lose the idea and style. You understand that imperfections are the regular part of writing life. And what is important, you are 100 percent sure that every word you rewrite makes your story better and more valuable.
— You are a part-time/freelance essay writer.
If you are ready to help with ` write my paper` requests — it’s a good sign that you are a real passionate writer. Maybe, you also deliver some materials to local newspapers, or you run a traveling blog.
— You see the story in every moment.
Last but not least — your perception of life is equal to a movie plot. You do not simply live your life, you transform the picture into the storyline. You use your imagination, you crave for perfection, but you’re still ready to face with reality. You work hard to make this world better by creating high-quality content!
To sum up, I hope you’ll match at least a couple of features. What`s more, you will keep improving and investigating who you really are — making your writings better with every line.
Good luck!