Worthy Portable Music System for Outdoor Events in 2020

When planning for an outdoor event such as a small party in the backyard or the lawn entertainment is a must. Or if you wish to save your mobile battery or laptop speakers are not that great, small portable speakers are very useful. For outdoor events though, a big powerful portable music system with the all-in-one facility is a great choice. These can be a good bargain over tiny speakers and big wired 5.0 channel speaker-subwoofer systems.

Benefits of a Portable Music System

The benefits of a portable music system come from its size and power. Tiny single-channel or stereo speakers that are made for laptops or smartphones are good only for indoor or a single room. But, for outdoor parties and events, you need more sound, more amplification, greater output in general.

  • Today’s outdoor portable music system is wireless with up to 10 meters range.
  • It is equipped with some kind of rechargeable battery that can keep it running for hours.
  • These systems have splash-proof covers to keep them water repellant.
  • These speakers can be all-in-one systems with a microphone for karaoke options.
  • They have a multitude of connectivity options from USB, wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more.

Below we shall see some of the best selling portable music systems as of 2020 and list the pros and cons.

  1. ION Audio Pathfinder 2

We start with this particular portable music system because it has everything you need at a modest price point. Selling at $130 at BHPhotoVideo and $120 on Amazon, ION’s Pathfinder combines nice party looks and ruggedness. You can use ION Pathfinder anywhere without trouble.

  • It is waterproof and powered by its internal rechargeable battery pack that offers up to 50 hours playback (also AC if you have it around).
  • It comes with slide handles, telescopic luggage handle, and inbuilt wheels making it easy to carry.
  • It packs 8” woofer, 3” woofer, and 100W peak power rated output.
  • For music, it has integrated AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, a 3.5mm stereo input, USB and also a dynamic mic input.
  • The supplied cables are neatly tucked inside while a complimentary LED bar lights up synced with the music.

The ION Pathfinder looks stunning and offers all one can imagine from a portable music system for outdoor events, particularly without electrical outlets.


ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) was one of the best-sellers 3 years back and used ones can be a good deal.

  1. AOMAIS Go Bluetooth Speakers

This is a portable music system built like hand baggage not bigger than a lady’s purse. With that simple construction and compact package, AOMAIS offers a good deal for outdoor parties within a small lawn or backyard. This is one of the best packages you can get in 2020 for a modest price of just $70.

  • It offers 40 Hours (at 50% volume) of playback with the 10000mAH inbuilt rechargeable battery packs, which can quickly charge under 4 hours. You can charge your phone with this acting as a power bank as well.
  • This has two 15 watt full-range drivers, two 10 watt tweeters, and two 40 W stereo, delivering 80 Watts power.
  • Built for parties and travel, it comes with IPX7 rating meant to withstand water splashes and raindrops. It is mudproof, snowproof, dustproof and sugged as in can withstand shocks and vibrations.
  • With Bluetooth 5.0 (DPS and EDR), it operates wireless up to 10 meters at ease.
  • The pack is waterproof as well, meaning it can be immersed under 33 feet water for up to 30 minutes and still work without issues.

There are lots of connectivity options and for the money; AOMAIS is one of the best portable music systems in the market in 2020.


AOMAIS Go portable music system comes with a custom-made AOMAIS Travel Case for better handling for about $15.

  1. Denon Audio Commander

Taking the price tag towards mid-high end products, Denon Audio Commander sells for around $550. This portable music system is a professional mobile PA system which comes with two wireless microphones. Thus, it is meant for pros and not for amateur travel and parties. Thus, the config is also relatively bulky yet portable compared to other professional products.

  • It comes with built-in handles and wheels making it easy to carry around.
  • There are inbuilt Bluetooth receivers and two integrated 16-channel UHF wireless receivers, all expensive equipment.
  • It offers 200W RMS output with a class D amplifier, for professional events and hi-fi audio output.
  • The package offers a 12” woofer, a compression driver tweeter, and an assortment of connectivity options, wireless transmitter belt and so on.

In short, this music PA system is meant for DJs, aerobics instructors working in open-air spots, presenters, or anyone needing a self-powered audio system.


Most professional outdoor audio systems would need a lot of work to assemble and can be quite elaborate and expensive ($2700 upwards) as well.

  1. JBL EON ONE Portable Line-Array

Another kind of audio system is called a line-array config, and there are several options in this category as well. In 2020, a portable music system with all-in-one linear-array PA systems is available for purchase from Bose, JBL, and many more. This particular sells for around $800 in Amazon or from BH and again is meant for professionals only.

  • There are two variants: EON One and EON One Pro with several configs you can purchase with.
  • In short, it comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 8” low-freq woofer, and 6×2” high-freq woofer, for better bass and well as clear audio.
  • The 118dB maximum SPL is also noteworthy for a 7-channel mixer PA system with the linear array.
  • The distinguishing feature is the line-array which is compact and hidden but extends upwards like a long antenna, which is fully collapsible and neatly packed at its rear.


In short, the likes of AOMAIS, JBL EON610 Portable which are under the price range of $100 for beginners and $300 for mid-range music-geeks are the best deals in 2020. For a portable music system, they offer a lot from portability, flexibility to withstanding shocks and waterproofing.