How Social Features Result in Mobile Game Monetization?

Social gaming is the activity of playing online games on a social media platform. This form of gaming includes board games, multiplayer games, social network games, and interactive multiplayer video games. Social casinos like UK mobile games casino which allow players to play casino games online is the biggest branch of social gaming.

According to Chartboost, the social casino games market was worth $3.4 billion in 2019, which is an extremely profitable niche in the $148 billion global gaming market. The casino games which were once played only on PCs are increasingly shifting to the mobile platform.

Read on to know why social features are key to mobile game monetization.

Why the k-factor matters

In the world of social gaming, viral growth is measured using the “k-factor coefficient.” The k-factor is calculated as invites sent per player multiplied by the conversion rate for that invites. For instance, if players send 100 invites each, and 2 per cent of those invites convert, the k-factor is 0.2.

A k-factor over 1 is a massive win, but mostly it’s under 0.5 these days. Still, getting an additional socially-invited player for the two you acquire is still a huge success. When developers pay $5 or more per player, they’re effectively saving money per acquisition with high social sharing.

Unforgettable app icons

Research by Chartboost and other firms shows that a majority of downloads come from organic traffic, so icons play an important role in creating a lasting impression during the limited time players spend looking at the app. Social casino games excel at creating visually appealing icons and attract users who want to learn more about the game.

The top casinos in the iGaming industry create icons that stay true to their story, while new developers focus on creating icons that tell users what to expect from the game. Also, social casino games often use imagery made famous by land-based casinos like Roulette wheels or slots.

Embracing play on the go

As most people check their smartphone on average once every 12 minutes, it’s no surprise that players engage more often on mobile than on the web. Having a mobile device available makes it easy to play their favourite casino games whenever and wherever they want. Mobile users play every 4.2 days on average, compared to every 6.7 days on the web, according to a recent report by retention specialist Optimove.

Also, mobile players convert fast into paying users as compared to web users. The average conversion period is 30 days on mobile and 52 days on PC. Also, payments are made quicker, with a transaction every 10 days on mobile.

Delivers a consistent mobile experience

Short attention spans combined with the average length of video advertisements results in an interesting challenge, but not for social casinos across the globe. Great social casino ads are always flashy and they instantly grab attention. Many players identify and continue to play social casino games because they deliver a consistent mobile experience.