Illuminate Your Campsite With Best Camping Lanterns

Outdoor camping, backpacking, sleeping under the beautiful starry sky, it is such a wonderful wilderness adventure. To make this awesome experience a memorable one, it is necessary to take all the essential camping gears with you. One of the most important camping gear is a camping light.

Camping lamp is the most overlooked thing while packing for a camping trip. The camping newbies usually tend to grab a flashlight and think that they are sorted with the camping light. But just a torch light is not enough, you need much more than that, camping lanterns are the best options for such trips, as they are light in weight, easy to carry and handle and illuminate the campsite at night.

In recent years, there has been a remarkable growth in the options of powerful and versatile camping lights available in the markets with distinct features and LED technology used. There is a wide array of camping lights available both online and in local markets. Some important features of a camping lantern are

  • Brightness
  • Weight and Size
  • Fuel Type
  • Run Time or Battery Life
  • Battery Type
  • Durability
  • Price

Don’t forget to check out camping lights and buying reviews before you make a purchase.


  1. Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern is overall the best camping lantern. It is lightweight, robust and easy to carry and use.

With the brightness of 250 lumens, it can be used inside the tents as well as outside for illuminating the campsite. Its plastic opaque cover improves the quality of light without dampening its brightness. It also has a dimming mode to adjust the brightness.

Black Diamond Apollo has an internal battery which can be recharged using a small USB to power the LED lights and a compartment for AA batteries is available for backup. It also has three pop down legs for stability on any kind of surface.

Pros :

  • Lightweight, durable, rugged
  • 250 lumens LED brightness
  • Pop-down legs for stability
  • Easily rechargeable
  • Compartment for AA batteries


  • Not waterproof
  • Internal battery life is low


  1. Coleman Twin LED

Coleman Twin LED lantern has a classic design with 390 lumens brightness which lights up the campsite really well after the sunset. Its brightness can be adjusted from ultra-low to ultra-high depending on the requirement.

As it is water resistant, it can also be used during the time of rain.

Coleman Twin LED lantern uses eight D-cell batteries with an extra runtime of upto 85 hours on its highest setting making it perfectly suitable for family camping trips. But at the same time the batteries make the lantern bulky and heavy to carry in backpacks.


  • Classic design
  • 390 lumens brightness
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Extra battery life
  • Water resistant


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Requires eight D-cell batteries
  1. Nite Ize Radiant 400 Lantern

Nite Ize Radiant is one of the best budget friendly lanterns with 400 lumen brightness on its highest settings, this much illumination is enough for family campers as well as any large group campers.

This LED lantern has a single switch to toggle through its three light settings making it easier to operate.

Though its rugged design excels it for camping, which helps it stand up well on uneven surfaces, it is not durable enough as a backpacking lantern. It also has a carabiner clip for easy hanging.

The only disadvantage of this lantern is that it requires three D-cell batteries which makes it heavy.


  • Budget friendly
  • 400 lumens brightness
  • Has 3 modes for light setting
  • Rugged design
  • Carabiner clip for hanging
  • Long battery life


  • Not durable
  • Requires three D-CELL batteries which make it heavy


In the above articles we have mentioned some of the camp lights with buying reviews which would help you purchase an ideal camping lantern as per your requirement.