There and Black Again: The Autobiography of Don Letts

There and Black Again is a story of a first generation British-born son of Windrush parents, growing up in London to become a witness and part of a social and cultural revolution around the world. It gets released on March 11, 2021 and you can pre-order it here.

Starring the Grammy award winning filmmaker, rock star, dj, radio broadcaster, social commentator, husband and father Don Letts, There And Black Again takes in many lives and places. It is written as scenes from a movie shot on location in London, Kingston, New York, Los Angeles, Windhoek, Salt Lake City and Goldeneye.

Co-starring a cast of hundreds, including Joe Strummer, John Lydon, Bob Marley, Chrissie Hynde, Chris Blackwell, Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela, Keith Richards, Pattie Smith, Chuck D., McLaren and Westwood, etc., it takes in major cultural movements from skinhead through punk to Black Lives Matter, and includes scenes of civil unrest, live music, humour and political struggle.

There And Black Again describes in clear-eyed detail a life of work and love, of battles against prejudice and negativity, of failures and great successes. It describes a six-decade journey through sound and vision which has left a body of award-winning work in film, television and music that is unique in scope and variety.