5 Ways to Promote Your Music on Instagram in 2020

by Maria Curreri, Young & Proud mom, cat mom, dog mom…

When it comes to the music scene, we’ve noticed a significant break from past practices in recent years. Both in terms of creation and promotion. Musicians can now stream their music and have full control from the distribution to promotion.

Even the little guys can now share their music with the world, independent of the big labels. This is precisely how the likes of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande got their names in the music world. 

Aside from YouTube and streaming platforms, Instagram is another powerful medium to promote your music and reach millions. And not to mention that it is super cost-effective, and you get to keep complete control of your intellectual and artistic property. 

Whether you’re new to Instagram for business, or you’re looking for ways to up your game, you’ll find our guide useful. From polishing up your IG profile to finding the best instagram marketing service, we’ve got all the best IG hacks to help you out.  

Optimize your profile

First things first, be sure your profile is growth-ready. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to get to your audience faster, so prepare the basis for your Instagram success.

Business mode on – Switch to business mode, if you still haven’t. Not only will you get a ton of promotional features, such as the option to choose a category and add contact info, but you’ll also get a cool addition in the form of Insights. This feature will help you keep track of the critical growth metrics. 

Bio – Make it cool, but informative. Let your future fans understand your genre and the overall vibe from the start.

Link – Ad the link to your YouTube, website, or landing page for your tour, concert, or the new release.  

Profile picture – Use your photo, but add an artistic twist to it. Or if you have a signature style covers, add that element instead of a logo. Be sure to keep it authentic and on-brand. 

Video content

As you’re probably familiar with, Instagram provides plenty of opportunities for content formats. IG Stories and IGTV are the perfect formats to post teasers to your new projects or a set from the latest show you’ve performed. 

Try IG Live to get your audience behind the scenes at a concert, video making, or a studio recording session. It will help close the gap between the artist and the crowd, and the audience is loving the relatable and accessible approach.  

Versatile posts 

Use the versatile nature of Instagram post formats to your advantage and climb your way to the top of the music scene through Instagram.

Post photos and images with bits from your latest projects, and add the download link in the description. 

Post 60-seconds videos in your posts to add to the mixture and engage your audience. Remember to include subtitles as most IG users are keeping the sound on mute. 

To top off a cool photo, tell an engaging story about it in the captions. Share an interesting fact about your team/band, or a fun story from a show you performed. 

Use hashtags to improve discoverability

Instagram hashtags are still the most powerful tool when it comes to getting discovered by your ideal audience. They serve like the roadmaps to your content and your profile in general. 

Still, you can’t just throw a bunch of them (all 30) and call it a day. It takes some strategizing to really see the full effect.

In the music industry, you could use the most popular ones, like #music, #InstaMusic; however, be sure to limit your posts to only a few of those. Most of your hashtags should be super-specific to target the right audience. If you’re a hip hop music producer living and working in NYC, for example, your best bet would be to go for the hashtags like: #musicproducernys, #hiphopbeats, #hiphopnyc.  

Give growth Instagram services a try 

Once you’ve optimized your profile and content for the maximum growth, you can take things to the next level with a reliable IG growth service.

No, we’re not talking about buying a bunch of fake followers and risking your reputation for no real reasons. 

You can do some research and get to the really awesome, completely organic results with cool partners like Flock Social and similar services that guarantee real results, without any possible unsafe methods.