Musicians and Celebrities Who Love to Play Bingo

There are literally millions of loyal Bingo game players across the globe. Who wouldn’t want to sit with their card, dauber and hear the famous “clickety-click sixty-six” or “Legs Eleven whit woooo” It is a classic game of all-time and so it is not surprising that there are celebrities and musicians who have a passion for the game. Let’s take you through ten legends who know how to have a great time!

Catherine Zeta Jones

Beautiful and talented actress and wife of the Hollywood legend Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones loves nothing more than a good game of bingo. Since she was young she has played the game in her native Wales. Bingo is a game loved in the social clubs of the Welsh valleys. It is claimed that Zeta Jones would spend some of her childhood making her personalised set of bingo cards and balls, so she could play whenever she wanted. The love continues into her family life today, as she continues her childhood tradition with her husband and children – especially in the holidays.

Kate Moss

Yes, it is true – the rockstar supermodel with a reputation for beyond cool loves a game of bingo. She has, it is reported, been a massive fan of the game all her life – well before she found fame on the catwalk. Rather than visit the local Mecca, Kate is more likely to be found playing bingo online.

Russell Crowe

The superstar actor famed for his role in Gladiator and other rough-ass roles is also a massive fan of the beautiful number game. In fact, before he even became a famous Hollywood superstar he called bingo regularly in his home country of Australia.

Robbie Williams

Despite being a legend of the music scene, Robbie Williams is a simple northern lad at heart. He may have risen to mega stardom in the band Take That – but down deep he is influenced by the working clubs of his home town. It is, therefore, no surprise that Robbie loves a game of bingo every now and then. And, what is amazing, is he drags his famous mates along for a game for charity. Charities such as Babies with AIDS, Habitat for Humanity, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have all benefited from a game of bingo or two

Courtney Cox

So, Monica from Friends loves a game of bingo – I bet she is super competitive while playing too.  Well, to be fair, the actress playing Monica, Courtney Cox would play in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama – and now she apparently loves to play a game or two with her closest friends – which just happens to include Ricki Lake and Paris Hilton. Now, can you imagine this girls’ night at the local bingo club – a-maz-ing.

Sharon Osbourne

Talking of your perfect line-up for a girls’ night out at the bingo, you would also want to include Queen Sharon in on that. Reports suggest that she is one of the most knowledgeable people you can meet on the topic of bingo and considers herself up there as one of the biggest bingo enthusiasts. Such is her love of the humble number game, Sharon Osbourne created her personal online bingo site.

Mick Jagger

As we are walking in the company of legends, we really ought to mention that you can play bingo like Jagger – and forget all about the dancing. The Rolling Stones lead singer loves the game and is known to throw large bingo parties in his home.


If you thought Mick Jagger was the coolest bingo player to walk the planet, then you need to reassess. Bono, yet another rock god, loves a game. He once served in a bingo hall before he was famous – working in Mtr Pussey’s Cafe serving food as the numbers were called. Such is his nostalgia for the game he is known to call on his friends Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell to play too. That is some beautiful company.

Denise van Outen

Denise is a down-to-earth Essex lass and so thinks nothing of taking a trip to the bingo hall. She may have had success in the US, but she will always make time for bingo card daubing.

HRH Prince William

Let’s end big. While not technically a celebrity, Prince William is the biggest of names to add to the bingo-loving list. He would apparently sneak out of Sandhurst to play a game or two at the local bingo hall. I bet that raised a few eyebrows amongst the locals! The royals as a whole tend to love some family entertainment in the shape of a game of bingo. While we have no evidence that the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles say down to mark of their two little ducks, we just wanted to leave you with this classic comedy image.