Music icons who made glasses cool

History is bursting with music icons. Icons who are just as famous for their style as they are for their music. And one of the things that many famous and highly successful musicians have in common, is their love of eyewear.

There was a time when wearing glasses was anything but cool, in fact, if you wore glasses in your youth, you were probably subjected to cruel playground taunts and passive-aggressive comments about how you look better without them. Thankfully, thanks to musicians, celebrities and the advancement of eyewear technology, these days prescription glasses have never been cooler. In fact, they’re the ultimate fashion accessory! These eye glasses from EyeBuyDirect are a testament to that. Stunning styles, beautiful shapes and frames, striking colors, muted tones… all available in different materials with the latest lens technology – it’s no wonder more people than ever are wearing frames.

So, let’s give the trendsetters their dues, here we’ll explore music icons who made glasses cool (first).

John Lennon

Think of any musician who wears glasses, and chances are John Lennon is the first person you think of. His iconic round frames are just as recognized as his songs “imagine” and “jealous guy”, and even after his tragic, premature death his music and style still have momentum today. Those round glasses perfectly complemented his narrow face and his striking features, making the singer, songwriter and peace activist instantly recognizable from his time in the Beatles to his solo career and beyond.

Buddy Holly

There’s something incredibly timeless about Buddy Holly’s style and signature glasses. This pioneer of rock and roll was tragically killed in a plane accident at just 22, leaving behind a promising career and several hits including “That’ll be the day” and “Peggy Sue”. Those thick, square frames were commonplace back in the 50s, however, thanks to the success of TV shows such as Mad Men, they’ve seen a resurgence in recent years which means his musical legacy and his distinguishable style continue to live on.

Bono of U2

With over 170 million records sold and over 40 years in the music industry, Bono of the Irish rock band U2 is probably just as renowned for his sunglasses as he is for his musical influence. It’s easy to imagine that Bono’s signature sunglasses are simply a fashion statement, however, this trademark look has, in fact, come about due to medical reasons. The U2 lead singer has since revealed that due to issues with glaucoma, he wears tinted shades to alleviate the symptoms. However, that hasn’t stopped the band yet, if anything it’s made him more iconic.

Elton John

One of the music industry’s most energetic performers, Elton John has spent over 50 years in the spotlight and in that time he’s built a career as a singer, songwriter, pianist and composer all with his iconic and instantly recognizable eyewear in tow. With over 250 million records sold, it’s clear that Elton is one of the most successful musicians of all time. Elton’s eyewear has ranged from the extravagance and flamboyance of his earlier years to his signature purple-tinged specs in this latter part of his interesting career.