Casino game review of King Kong cash

Play the fantastic King Kong cash slot today, for the ultimate gaming experience. The objective of the game is to wake up the sleeping King Kong, if you dare, and persuade him to go and unlock some big money prizes for you.

What sets this game apart from Blackjack alongside its unique theme is the amazing bonus rounds which just go on and on, the wilds, and a wide variety of glorious graphics and immersive audio to keep you completely entertained throughout the entirety of the game.

King Kong cash slot takes the serious tone of the King Kong movies and has adapted them to ensure the game is a fun filled experience for every player, and this game is more reminiscent of the Jungle Book than King Kong, thanks to the playful undertones which accompany the game. 

Gameplay on this UK slot game

King Kong cash slot is entertaining and comes with various extras, despite not having a progressive jackpot, which not all slot games do, King Kong cash slot gives players 1000 times your bet in bonus rounds and you get the option of choosing from two symbols that are worth much, giving you  500 times you bet placed for five of a kind.

Bonus rounds throughout the game offer the player free spins, with multipliers and expanding wilds which really add more bang to your buck when you win.

So where does one start when there are so many bonuses to choose from with King Kong cash slot. With the base game, you can randomly awake King Kong at any time and get offered a wide variety of win modifiers and multipliers which are enhanced.

All of these are themed to a fun King Kong reference – these are among cannon wilds which feature bananas, golden barrel super spins, bonus boosts, Kong response and a King Kong streak. 

King Kong cash slot special features

Taking into account that the base game round has wilds and game logo symbols which offer 500 times your bet, there is an extra bonus given at random to really spice up the player’s overall gaming experience.

With this the win lines are fixed so all you have to do is set up your total bet figure, and hit auto play to watch the fun and games appear right before your very eyes while you just sit back and relax.

But here is where the fun really begins – get more than three of the King Kong bonus scatters and you will trigger an upward escalation to make up a bonus round progression.

First, a reel will spin at random to offer you one of the five bonus rounds, and you can then either gamble to move up the ranks to the next round or you can choose to collect the bonus game which is offered. 


King Kong cash slot has got everything that the best online slot games should have to offer, including fantastic bonuses and gameplay, a fun theme and you don’t need to download to play either, so there’s no excuse not to give this game a go.