Best E-Liquid Subscriptions Tips You Will Read This Year

If you’re looking to start the year right and turn over a new leaf, what better way to do it than by changing your daily habits and routines? Go for a jog instead of staying in bed, scrolling your phone an extra hour in the morning. Stay organized with your groceries and start meal-prepping on the weekends. Get e-liquid subscription boxes instead of visiting vape stores in person – after all, you still need to stay safe and practice social distancing as much as possible.

E-liquid subscription boxes can get you the best vape deals even without seasonal discounts. You can enjoy extra convenience, extra savings, and extra pleasure from your vape sessions. But, if you want to enjoy everything that e-liquid subscriptions can offer truly, you need to be smart about approaching them. Here are the best tips that will get you the most out of your e-liquid subscriptions!

Find a Reputable Retailer

E-liquid subscription boxes are nothing new. Vape stores across the nation have been offering them for a while now, but what should you do if your favorite local store doesn’t have them? Well, you’ll need to do some research.

The vape market size has been expanding over the past few years. It’s expected to grow at a rate of 23.8% a year from 2020 to 2027. That means that many players are trying to enter the market and profit from it. These players aren’t dedicated to the consumers or the quality of their products. They are focused on their potential revenue only.

Unfortunately, many vape stores simply aren’t as good as they appear at first glance. So, before you opt for an e-liquid subscription box from the first online vape store you encounter, do some research. Check the customer reviews on-site and off it. Research a store’s social media. See what others are saying about it. It’s the best way to find quality products without having to test every single one of them.

Research the Price-to-Value Ratio

Once you’ve found a good, reputable vape store, it’s time to check out what they have on offer. Don’t immediately look at the price. Check out the store’s brand partnerships first (unless it only offers e-liquids made in-store). Some of the most popular brands include Oneup Vapor, Bomb Bombz, Mighty Vapors, Citricity, and the like. They all offer high-quality vape juices with many exciting flavors.

Vape juice subscription boxes from popular brands are often a bit more expensive, but they offer excellent value, making them well worth it.

If you have a favorite vape juice brand, then look for stores offering the said brand and then compare them. Pay attention to the number of vape juices you’re getting with your subscription box, as some subscriptions are only more affordable because you’re getting fewer or smaller bottles.

Experiment With New Flavors

Vape juice subscription boxes are the perfect opportunity for experimenting with new and exciting flavors. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. You don’t always have to go for the most popular flavor categories such as fruit, candy, or mint. Try a cheesecake flavor or champagne. Coffee vape juice could blow your mind, and the rich honey flavor can overcome your tastebuds with sweetness.

Since vape juice subscription boxes are often the most affordable way to get your fill of e-liquids, you don’t have to worry much about wasting your money – even if it turns out that you don’t like a flavor. So, play around, who knows – maybe you’ll find your next favorite vape juice!

Make Sure to Get Enough E-Liquid to Last You a Month

Most stores that offer vape juice subscription boxes only deliver them once a month, so you’ll want to make sure that you get enough bottles to last you until your next box arrives. If you’re new to vaping, it might be challenging to calculate how many bottles you’ll need.

In essence, a single 10ml bottle of vape juice can last anywhere from just a couple of days to even a couple of months. It all depends on how often you vape. If you used to smoke tobacco cigarettes and switched to vaping to quit, it might be easier to determine the right amount of vape juice.

A 10ml bottle is roughly the equivalent of 100 cigarettes. So, if you used to smoke ten cigarettes a day, you’d need just about three vape juice bottles to last you a month.

But don’t worry if you make a mistake with your first order. You can always change the number of vape juice bottles for your next box.

Final Thoughts

Vape juice subscriptions are the simplest way to get your hands on high-quality e-liquids. So, find a reputable store, examine its price-to-value ratio, play around with the flavors, and determine the right quantity for your needs. Once you get your box, all that’s left to do is enjoy.