Removing PDF Passwords Online For Free: GoGoPDF’s Unlock PDF Tool!

It’s undoubtedly frustrating when you have to deal with a PDF file that has a password in it. It gets even more frustrating if you forgot or have no idea what the password to the PDF file might be. Luckily, GoGoPDF has a PDF unlock tool that you may find useful for these situations. It’s one you can readily access and will unlock any PDF in an instant!

GoGoPDF’s PDF password remover enables users to turn any locked PDF file into a readable and editable version. GoGoPDF will also be the one to extract and unlock the PDF for you. All you need is a few clicks to unlock or remove any password from any PDF with GoGoPDF. Here’s more information about GoGoPDF’s handy tool for unlocking passworded PDF files.

Simple Steps In Unlocking PDF

It’s essential information to know what you need to do to unlock PDF using GoGoPDF. There’s no need to worry, as unlocking any PDF file with GoGoPDF isn’t necessarily tedious. The process of removing any password or unlocking your PDF file is one that is done in just four easy steps! Once you complete this short process, you’ll be able to read or edit the PDF file instantly.

You can begin unlocking any PDF file you want by uploading the PDF document to GoGoPDF’s password remover area. There’s an alternative to uploading as you may also drag and drop any PDF file that you want. Once you finished uploading any PDF file, GoGoPDF will then remove the password while decrypting the file in the process.

Simply let GoGoPDF handle the work and wait until the entire process is finished. You certainly won’t be waiting long before you can download an unlocked and decrypted PDF file. It’ll only take a few minutes for GoGoPDF to provide you an unlocked PDF file. By then, you’ll immediately be able to download the file straight to any device that you’re using.

Remove Any Passwords Quickly

GoGoPDF gives users the ability to remove any password from any PDF quickly. This online tool should be convenient for those who keeps on forgetting the passwords to their PDF files! With this tool, you surely won’t need to type in any username and passwords anymore! This PDF unlock tool from GoGoPDF surely makes it easier to manage any passworded PDF!


GoGoPDF provides its PDF unlock tool in an incredibly simplified manner. In turn, you can avail yourself of a PDF password removal process that is straightforward. You won’t find yourself using a process that takes a ton of twists and turns just for the sake of removing a password. GoGoPDF uses four easy steps and no other steps!

This online tool helps you to effectively deal with and even get rid of any PDF security. You may do so using just a few clicks. Who knew that removing PDF passwords could be this easy? With GoGoPDF, removing any password from any PDF will be incredibly effortless!

Dealing With Security Restrictions

It’s no secret that GoGoPDF can help in removing security restrictions from any PDF. This fact is undoubtedly correct on most occasions. However, some files use different kinds of encryption. And, GoGoPDF’s capabilities only fall on unlocking passwords from owner-locked PDF files.

If you’re dealing with owner-locked PDF files, then you’ll be able to rely on GoGoPDF to unlock the PDF file. However, if you’re using a highly encrypted PDF file, then you’ll only be able to unlock it using the correct password. Highly encrypted files are more tricky to handle as they would require deeper processing!


As of now, GoGoPDF is yet to provide a tool that can unlock highly-encrypted files. The people behind GoGoPDF are already on it so expect them to work out an alternative pretty soon! 

Browser Compatibility

GoGoPDF offers this unlock PDF service straight from your browser. It’s an online-based PDF tool that you can access from any browser that you want. You may unlock and remove any passwords from your PDF with GoGoPDF may it be on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other Internet browsing tools!

Accordingly, you won’t encounter issues upon using this unlock PDF tool on Windows, Mac, or Linux. GoGoPDF even provides this PDF unlocking process on mobile platforms! You’ll be able to unlock and remove any passwords on your PDFs using your iOS or Android devices!


You can now deal with any passwords on any PDF file. Unlocking any password-protected PDF file is now possible online through GoGoPDF. GoGoPDF offers this handy process in a simplified and cost-efficient manner on its website. There’s no reason to use other alternatives to unlock PDF files other than GoGoPDF!