Best Synthwave Artists You Should Listen While Studying

Most of us prefer listening to some music while studying because, as surprising as it may sound, it helps us to concentrate and keeps our brain focused on information processing. But music has to be rhythmic and atmospheric, which is why synthwave belongs to the most popular styles among college students.

Best Synthwave Artists To Listen To While Studying

Here are some synthwave artists worth checking:

  • Kavinsky – it provides this retro, vintage feel that many of us love. This French producer knows his trade and delivers one of the most classic vibes. It is also good to study along because the pulsating rhythms and some repetitions help to memorize things. It inspires your brain to associate music with some odd terms that you have to master.
  • M83 – remember the main theme from the movie “Oblivion”? One of the most amazing artists in the genre with great videos that are also worth checking. It will keep you busy for hours, which is why it wouldn’t hurt to check Top Essay Writing reviews and see what will work for you or leave your thoughts if you have already used something. Sharing your opinion will help people to make safe choices and achieve success! It also improves one’s karma, as some would say!


  • Scandroid – a Los Angeles-based artist who uses mostly analog synths and great feats that will make you feel focused on words as well. His music has a soothing feel that helps to overcome anxiety and stress. It also helps to get rid of distractions as it begs for your attention.
  • Lazerhawk – mostly known for the track “overdrive” and various anime series that come along, this artist is worth checking, although he is not too famous. If you want to find something special in the genre, this is it. His music is a great study companion for many students like you. He may not be as famous as M83, yet once you discover some of his tracks, you will thank me later! Now, if you want to share your opinion about anything educational, check LetsGradeIt and find out what is worth your attention. You can leave your opinion as well.
  • Perturbator – his dark pulsating melodies will attract even those people who are not used to synthwave music. Still, as one of the established artists, this French musician (James Kent) knows how to keep you focused with complex tasks as you study or how to help you dance around the room. Check some of his tracks and discover why he is so popular!

The Stress Factor & Music As You Learn

Regardless of what style of music you may choose, one of the most important qualities of listening to something as you study is getting rid of some factors that take your attention away. For example, synthwave music is often associated with sci-fi or anime, which is why it creates a certain environment that makes you feel glued to every sound. Your brain becomes active and the tiredness is approached differently. Even if you have never tried studying and listening to music at the same time, try it out at least once to see how much better you will feel!


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