Most popular kids party costumes for 2021

Families are celebrating kids party using costumes where people get to dress up in iconic attire. The most popular party costumes for children will mainly revolve around superheroes and princesses. It is no wonder that Frozen Elsa and Anna costumes are usable for both birthday and Halloween parties. The superhero costumes, like characters from the avengers, helps in fuelling the imagination of young boys.

With the need to celebrate milestones and special occasions, it is beneficial to know trends in the industry. In the market, there are many kinds of costumes for both kids and adults. However, in this read, we will focus on the most popular costumes for kids.

Party Costumes for 2021

Themed parties are gaining popularity among people of all kinds of all ages and walks of life. There is a wide variety of selection whenever looking to find a costume for kids. However, if you are keen, the choice will be easy as their choice will most likely depend on their favourite movie or cartoon character. The perfect costume needs to be cool and fitting. Check for its comfort and any other specific needs for kids.

Trending Ideas for kids Costume Parties

Halloween would not be fun for kids without costumes. On the other hand, the trend is quickly gaining precedence in all kinds of kids parties. The fun is when they get to take pictures with the costumes alone or with their friends. Here are some of the most popular ideas for 2021;

Popular Costumes for Girls

Girls love to dress up in fancy and elegant apparel. Consider the superheroes or princesses that the kids find appealing. Whether it is a toddler or a developing child, there are stylish outfits to fit different themes and budget.

Here are some of the popular ones;

  • The Supergirl costume.
  • Tinker Bell costume.
  • Costume from Frozen characters Princess Anna and Elsa.
  • Wonder woman comic character costume.

These characters will probably have several costumes in their collection. The choice will depend on the preference and selection of the kids. You do not want them to dislike the choice of outfit as it may end up ruining their party.

Popular Costumes for Boys

Boys get excitement whenever they suit up in costumes from their favourite movies or TV character. They love doing it whenever they are playing with friends, and it is more memorable for them if they have a themed party. Below are some popular costume choices for 2021;

  • The superman costumes.
  • A police officer’s costume.
  • The doctor’s costumes.
  • Vampire costumes.
  • Batman costumes.
  • Black Panther costumes.
  • Harry Potter costume.

Finding a great costume for your little boy is not tricky. There are a lot of classics to check out when shopping attire for themed parties.


Are you finding it challenging to find the right costume for a kid’s themed party? There is no need to worry as you have an idea of what is trending in the industry. However, you can try asking your child what they want for their party.