The Best Music for Studying: What Scientists Said

By Joshua Robinson

A study by Stanford University found that music does aid your memory and help it to pay attention and recall things. Science has also found that different music genres impact men and women differently. For instance, men are more likely to focus more on classical music and lose concentration when listening to rock music.

This is clear proof that music can be subjective to any human being’s concentration. Here is a list of the best music playlist that can make a perfect companion for online studies. Almost all the recommended music types are instrumental, so you will not have to worry about the lyrics distracting your studies.

Ambient music

Ambient music is gentle and tone-based; it utilizes ambient sounds like the buzz of TV static, the hum of an air conditioner, among others. It often lacks true lyrics or beats and ends up with the existing background noise, so ambient sounds act as sleep aids for some people.

Science has found that white noise can help people with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder perform given tasks with more efficiency. People with ADHD often have trouble focusing on a single task for a long time, so music is necessary to concentrate on tasks like online classes.

Classical music

Even with the Mozart Effect that comes with classical music, science suggests that classical music can help students learn and focus more during studies. ScienceDirect conducted a study that involved college students who listened to classical music during lecture, and the findings were as follows. Students who listened to Classical Music during lectures learned more than those who attended the same class without classical music.

However, several studies have found that classical music is most appropriate when performing a simple task rather than complex ones. Therefore, you should spare classical music for easy online courses when your mind is in relaxation mode.

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Instrumental rock

Another great study choice is Instrumental Rock. Famous brands such as Polyphia and Sky have proven that catchy riffs can help you focus more without a singer. Instrumental rock builds soundscapes around non-traditional songs and often begin their songs with slow builds and then rise to a crescendo.

Studies have found that popular rock bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin help students concentrate more during an online class. Such music is appropriate when studying a music course or any other simple course.

Nature sounds

You already know that spending is not only good for your physical health but also for memory nourishment. Science has found that listening to nature sounds in class or office can boost your mood and promote deep focus. Research conducted at Rensselaer Polytechnic, New York, found that nature sounds such as Rainfall can mask intrusive sounds that can help students stay focused throughout their lessons.

When trapped in a room alone for an online class, you can make use of nature sounds to help you stay focused throughout your lesson. The fact that the Nature Sounds playlist has one million monthly listeners on Spotify is an indication that it works for relaxation, focus and sleep for some people.


Music is universal; however, taste and preference change from one person to another. That which soothes one person can be irritating to another, and irritating can be soothing to another. It’s therefore not a secret that whatever works for me during class will not necessarily work for you. As you look at the outside for what suits you, make use of our suggested list of genres to make your choice.

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Joshua Robinson works for an online news outlet as a senior writer, editor and also runs his own website in the lifestyle niche. He is a good academic writer as well and freelances for a leading thesis and essay writing service. In his free time, he reviews local food, watches anime and goes out with his friends to the beach.