3d Puzzles: the best way to spend time with children

Are you looking for exciting entertainment for the whole family? There is a great variant, which allures adults and children. The choice of 3d puzzles from UGears gives a unique opportunity to involve your relatives in the interesting pastime and receive a memory of a pleasant evening. You can decorate your home or office with UGears 3d puzzles, which will remind of funny moments and cheer you up.

UGears Mechanical Models for Everyone 

UGears (https://ugearsmodels.us) provides wooden puzzles of various designs and kits. Therefore, it is possible to purchase 3d wooden puzzles for adults, teenagers, preteens, and kids.

UGears wooden model kits for adults have the most difficult level of assembly. Usually, 3d puzzles for adults include a large number of details; so, they require from 9 to 16 hours for the construction process.

UGears mechanical models for kids, preteens, and teenagers have different difficulty levels, including Easy, Intermediate, and Hard. The construction of kids’ models is easier, and it does not require a lot of time (assembly takes a couple of hours). It is convenient because children lose concentration quite quickly. Parents can offer a mechanical puzzle like a toy to their children as soon as they are 5 years old. With 3d puzzles, you have a chance to show your kids how different mechanisms work and encourage them to engineering and building.


A Great Collection of UGears 3d Puzzles  

Wooden mechanical models are suitable not only for all ages but for diverse preferences and interests as well. UGears offers a wide range of options:

  •  Transport (Mars Buggy, Locomotive, Tanker, UGM 11 Truck, Fire Truck with Ladder, etc.)
  •  Buildings (Robot Factory, Railway Station, Theater, etc.)
  •  Animals (Horse, Butterfly, etc.)
  •  Accessories (Hurdy-Gurdy, Carousel, Treasure Box, Foldable Phone Holder, etc.)

All models are made of quality materials, namely, wood and plywood. So, all patterns from the UGears collection are eco-friendly and safe for your health.