Meow Mix Limited-Edition Record Featuring Epic ReMixes of Famous Jingle Drops in Time for Meow-sic’s Biggest Night

Today, Meow Mix dropped a limited-edition “Meow Mix ReMix LP” collector’s item featuring the most purred about songs of the year. Meow Mix – the only food cats ask for by name – celebrates its iconic jingle with a tail-swaying vinyl collection that cat lovers everywhere can display proudly on their mantels.

Album pre-sales are now available exclusively on for $9.99. Tracks from artists like “Hearts & Paws” and “Endless Hiss” span genres from tail-vibrating pop to back-rolling metal; from cool-cat jazz to Latin dance. Records will ship in April and are available while supplies last. Each purchase also includes a coupon for a FREE bag of brand-new Meow Mix Tasty Layers cat food.

“The Meow Mix LP celebrates the brand’s iconic jingle while also bringing a modern energy to the party,” said Ryan Thomas, VP of Brand Marketing. “Our Tasty Layers does the same kind of thing for mealtime – with exciting new layers of flavor to surprise and delight cats everywhere.”

Visit to sample the Meow Mix ReMix songs and to learn more about our full collection of Meow Mix products.