A Guide On Buying The Right Ukulele

Finding the best ukulele for one can be a fairly difficult job. Indeed, many choices need to be made when selecting the ukulele of the right kind. This short ukulele buying article will tell you how you can buy the best ukulele. This article is especially useful to those who don’t have enough time to research? Simply scroll down and learn to buy a ukulele.

This ukulele buying guide will help all buyers to choose the right tool.

There are different woods, sizes, types, and brands out there in the market. It can be rewarding when you find a perfect one for you. But it is not like matching a wand with the wizard. Here in this post, you will see the primary distinction between different kinds of ukuleles.

What ukulele sizes and materials are available?

It is natural for a good ukulele buying guide to put attention to the chief sizes of ukuleles. There are four sizes- concert, baritone, soprano, and tenor. Recently sopranissimo is gaining greater popularity which is smaller than a soprano ukulele.


The soprano is the smallest and traditional kind of ukulele. They have a jangly, light sound usually associated with them. The individual with a large hand or fingers may have trouble playing this ukulele. As the frets are closer, they are good for a newer one.  If you are thinking to order online, purchasing this one is the safest bet.


The concert is a bit bigger than the previous one. They have a deeper and fuller tone. It is having a long neck and more fret. It is easier to play if having big hands. If you are starting out and you are concerned about how tiny soprano is because your hands are quite big, you can go with concert one.


The tenor ukulele is larger than the concert and soprano ukulele. Even this ukulele is having a deeper and rich tone. If you are intended to put on shows with this musical tool then tenor is the right option. Still, you can perform with a concert or soprano but the sound may not carry well. If you just at the beginning you shouldn’t try baritone. You must wait until you have practice on classic size ukulele.


Though the classic ones are crafted using wood material, you may find a starter ukulele that is made using plastic that is low priced. This comes in ranges of shades so they are great if you wish for an eye-catching and bright tool. Plastic ones would not wrap in high humidity like the wooden counterparts but they also do not have the depth of tone that wooden ukulele does. Always you can begin with the plastic one and then shift to a wooden one once you saved the cash.


The classic ukulele is crafted using laminate or solid and they last for a long time and can range in costs but may be a bit costlier in comparison to the plastic ones. Solid wood ukulele will provide excellent tone but they are vulnerable to temperature and can wrap up their 60%+ humidity. Laminate wood is low priced and isn’t vulnerable to temperature and humidity. But the ukuleles that are crafted using this material do not have a quality tone.

Shop ukulele-

Set budget between $50-200-

If you can buy a ukulele in a cheaper than that, possibly it won’t be of the best quality and may not last for long. Stick with this range if it’s the first ukulele and go up in the price if you want one of professional grade.

Professional one usually ranges from $50-1000. You can find ukulele below this price but they are not at all a good to buy option and would not sound better.

Check the dimensions if you are buying online-

It isn’t possible always to step into the nearby shop to find the instrument you want and that’s alright. If you want to buy a ukulele online, ensure that you read out the description of the material, size, and quality before making any purchases. Also, you want to go through the online reviews before you shop for the ukulele. Try to find out the ukulele online from a genuine shop.

What to do before you buy?

Play it-

The best way to see whether you liked the bought ukulele is holding and practicing strumming. If you have a friend who loves playing ukulele you can think to ask them so that you may try one that he or she is having and can order the same online.

Hold and see if it’s comfortable or not-

Based upon the ukulele size and length of the arm, you may need a smaller or bigger one. Rest the tool in your lap while holding the harm with one hand, keeping the tool at an angle. Strum it with the other hand to see whether you are comfortable using it or not. If the elbow on your strumming arm doesn’t feel comfortable you then need a smaller one. If fingers don’t move between frets you then need a smaller one. If fingers are large to hold a fret at a time, the larger one is the best bet.

Same again ask your friend’s ukulele and test and accordingly, you can make a buying decision. If the same fits perfectly, you can buy the same one. Or else you can buy another option that you are comfortable using.

Should one learn to play it? Reasons why-

1-     Ukulele is easy for newer to choose from-

They are light-weighted and come in ranges of sizes and shapes and are easy for newer and young players to choose and become masters. They are good for young as their string can be manipulated in comparison to the other more complex stringed tools such as electric guitar and acoustic that take 2 months before an individual gets habited to the strings.

2-     They are affordable-

Buying a ukulele unlike others such as guitars and pianos won’t put a dent in the wallet. You can locate a quality one for few dollars. Moreover, they come in different sizes and shapes so you can choose the one that suits the budget.

Summing up-

Finally, you have got the idea about ukulele before buying now you can shop easily the right one. You can learn more about it. You just have to navigate to this website and get more important things about it to know.