How to Recover Deleted Music from an SD Card


It’s tough to track down somebody who doesn’t have a taste for music. We can store many music files inside a tiny SD card with innovation and play them through different memory devices.

Numerous people have reported that they have lost music files from their cards without any evidence. If you are one of them and are looking for music recovery, you need to follow this article. It is an ideal solution to recover deleted music from an SD card in a few minutes.


Part 1: Reasons for Music Disappearing from SD Card

Many individuals face the issue of music disappearing from the SD card. So it’s normal if you have confronted it. There can be different explanations for the music loss from the SD card. Here are the most common reasons for such misfortune:

  • If a virus or malware corrupts your memory device, you will lose music files.
  • In some cases, when you, out of nowhere, eject the memory card from your phone or PC when it was scanning/moving the data, you may lose data.
  • If you unwillingly format your SD device, you will lose all your music data from it.
  • If you incorrectly insert your SD card, you will lose data.
  • If your SD card is being synchronized with your gadget or moving files, and you lose power, this will cause music files to vanish from your card.
  • Sometimes, you will lose data if you utilize a similar SD card in many devices (phones/PCs).


These circumstances are regular for everybody, and it happens to practically everyone. If you need to recover deleted music from an SD device, you need to get an expert data recovery tool to retrieve files from an SD card. Recoverit can help you in such tiring circumstances.


Part 2: Recover deleted photo files with WondershareRecoverit 

Recoverit Data Recovery is a leading product of Wondershare, which is perhaps the most trusted in the data recovery industry. Recoverit Data Recovery has a presence in more than 160 countries and is effectively utilized by more than 5 million users. It is effortless to download Recoverit 9.0 for free on Mac or Windows PC. We suggest you use the expert Recoverit Data Recovery to assist you with recovering files from the SD device. It can get your data back from an SD card without much stress.


Even if your one is corrupted or harmed, it can still assist you with getting the data back. The incredible data recovery can also restore lost data from recovering music from all kinds of storage media like PCs, external hard drives, and other devices. You can download the software on your PC for free and perform music/audio recovery from an SD device.


Why Do We Need Recoverit Software?

If you erase audio files on your PC, the files will be briefly saved in the Trash bin. If you don’t clear the bin, you can get back the erased files from there. However, after erasing the sound files on the memory device, you won’t get the erased files back through the Trash bin. In that case, you need to use Wondershare Recoverit to recover erased files from the SD card.


Steps to Recover Lost Music Files with Recoverit

Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery Software on your Windows or Mac PC. Here, we will look upon the most proficient method to recover erased files on Windows. Likewise, with this means, you can begin memory card data recovery as follows:


Step 1: Select your SD Card in the Software

Ensure your one is inserted into your PC through a holder. Select your SD memory device from the disc list and click “Start” to begin the process.

Step 2: Scan the SD Card and Search for Lost Data 

Recoverit Recovery Software will begin examining your SD device; it will require minutes to complete the output.



Step 3: Preview and Recover Deleted Data 

When the scanning process completes, you can check all recovered data and music files. Go to review any retrieved files like music, photographs, videos, and office files, select your files, and tap on “Recover” to get them back.



Note: Please do not save any files (recovered) to the memory card from which you lost data previously. It may result in the data being lost again or may overwrite the data, so you need to be on the safer side.


Recoverit Data Recovery can undoubtedly and viably assist you with getting lost data and music files back with a straightforward process. It is the best data recovery tool to help you with recuperating erased files from a memory device. Download it and make use of it now.


Some Useful Tips on Music Recovery from SD Card

As we have mentioned earlier, the way to get your erased data back on memory cards isn’t to overwrite data. If you have unintentionally erased the audio files, attempt the following tips to avoid data overwriting on the memory card and the PC:


  • First, you need to ensure that your memory card has lost data or not. You can have a go at utilizing different gadgets to check if your memory card is alright.
  • On the off chance that your memory card is showing any error message, simply don’t format it. Consider how you can settle the matter without formatting your memory device.
  • If you can’t discover the music files in your memory device or you lost them, quit utilizing the SD card right away. If you keep on using the memory device more, the data will be overwritten, and you won’t ever have the option to get back your lost music files.


Part 3: Tips to Avoid Deletion of Music Files on SD card

You don’t need to worry about recovering erased files from an SD card if you keep your memory card and music files safe. Play it safe to keep your SD card damage-free constantly. Follow the given tips, and you will never need to worry about losing your music files:


  • Never remove your card from your device while it’s in scanning mode or moving files.
  • Securely utilize your SD device and don’t use it on various gadgets constantly.
  • Never pick any of the random options and try not to format your SD card coincidentally.
  • Continuously back up your data from your SD card to your PC or any drive storage so you can get them back whenever you lose them.


Closing Words

This article is a straightforward guideline to tackle music recovery from SD devices in a matter of seconds. If you are looking to recover erased music files from the SD card, you need to appropriately follow the steps given in this article to tackle your concern. You can use many methods and discover many approaches to recover deleted files. However, the best and most secure process to do it is utilizing Recoverit Recovery software.

So quit consuming your time and cash on some other things and get support from the best software available on the web. You can scroll through our website to find other related tools for Windows and Mac PCs.