Spotify launches new flagship Noteable Releases playlist to showcase Songwriters/Producers

Back in February, Spotify launched its new brand and home for songwriters, producers, and publishers, Noteable, encapsulating Songwriter Credits and Songwriter Pages, Written By playlists, Created By Women playlist, the on-platform Songwriters Hub, The Game Plan and Songwriter Saturdays video series, Spotify Publishing Analytics, and more.

Now, they are expanding the opportunities for this community by launching Noteable Releases, the first-ever flagship playlist on Spotify that will both highlight the collaborative process of making music for big name and emerging artists, as well as create visibility for the artist projects  of songwriters and producers.  Updating every Friday (and accompanied by features on the Noteable Releases shelf in the Songwriters Hub and Noteable’s IG), the playlist will include releases from songwriters and producers around the world, from household names to up-and-comers and beyond, giving fans an opportunity to discover music through a new lens.

Accompanying the playlist’s launch today are Spotify Clips from Jack Antonoff, Zaytoven, Finneas O’Connell, Madi Yanofsky, and Autumn Rowe.  The format features short videos of the artists putting their personal stamp on the playlist experience, shining a spotlight onto the song creation process – giving a voice to these often behind-the-scenes creators in order to help fans learn more about them.