Cute Birthday Present Ideas for Tweens

By Mitch Rice

If you have a tween in your life, you know how difficult buying them gifts can be. Most of the time they don’t even know what they want. And if the tween in question is not your own child, then you also have to take into consideration their parents and how they feel about your gift. There are many factors to consider when buying a young person a birthday present, but thanks to us, you can save yourself the headache. In this post, we have compiled a list of fun birthday ideas for tweens that will have the stamp of approval of parents and the birthday person.

Custom phone case

These days, the most important thing for a tween is to be an individual. They want to feel special, like there is no one else like them or that no one else has the things they do. And don’t we all feel that way from time to time? So, what says exactly that if not a custom phone case? In our modern day and age, many kids have phones. So if the tween you want to get a birthday present for (un)surprisingly has an iPhone 14, then getting them a custom iPhone 14 case would be a great present. Add some fun designs the tween enjoys or other cute graphics.

Nintendo Switch

Ever since the start of the pandemic people have been using Nintendo switch to entertain themselves, and that has not stopped. If the birthday tween doesn’t have one already, a Nintendo switch can be a great present. Not only will they be fully entertained on their own, but the games that you can play on the switch can be very educational. So if you do decide on this gift, definitely add a game with it too.

Instax mini camera

There is nothing more fun for tweens than capturing moments with their friends and family. But we are all so caught up with the digital era we are in that all those memories are on our phones. However, teach the birthday tween the beauty of holding a physical picture in their hand! And who knows, maybe you will create a future photographer with this present. Also, don’t forget to include a pack of films. It’s no fun to get a present that you can’t immediately use.

A DIY tie-dye kit

Tie-dyeing has become somewhat of a lost art among the younger generation. But we Millenials and Gen Zs remember how fun tie-dyeing used to be and it is our duty to show the young ones what they are missing. If the tween is having a birthday party with friends, make sure to bring a few white t-shirts so they can make a party out of the gift on the spot! Or they (or their parents) can always opt to have a separate party to do the tie-dyeing as it is a messy project, especially as a first timer.

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