Toronto Grade 5 Student Sisi Kleiner-Fisman Writes Book On Cancer Experience To Help Others In “SHE WARRIOR”

11-year-old Toronto-based author Siena (Sisi) Kleiner-Fisman details her harrowing but inspirational experience as a long-term cancer survivor with her impactful new book for adults and children alike, “She-Warrior” — available here.

When Sisi was three years-old, she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Initially, the weight of it all made her sad and angry at being sick and missing out on all the fun of summer. However, when Sisi and her parents traveled to Philadelphia, PA, to receive life-saving radiation, Sisi made new friends and had all sorts of adventures exploring a new city.

Facing her demons head-on with optimism and a relentless spirit, Sisi chronicles her life-changing journey with “She-Warrior”. As Sisi puts it, “Being diagnosed with cancer as a small child, getting through treatment, and now being a long-term survivor is a unique experience.”

What follows is an excerpt from “She-Warrior” detailing one of Sisi’s first doctor’s visits:

“The doctors needed a sample of the cancer (“earth-monster” to Sisi). They wanted to look at it under the microscope to make sure it really was Rhabdomyosarcoma and not some other monster and to help decide which medicine Sisi would need. Sisi actually called the “earth-monster” “Toots” after watching a cartoon episode about a funny little germ named “Toots.”

Years after her cancer ordeal, she woke up one morning with an epiphany. Sisi realized she had an extraordinary story that had to be told. She decided to write this book to help other kids cope with childhood cancer and inspire them to remain hopeful in their journeys and to know that they are not alone.

“Even though my days were filled with uncertainty and fear, with the help of my doctors, nurses, and my mom, I never lost hope, and eventually, I recovered,” says Sisi.

“I decided that telling my story could have such a huge impact on kids who are going through tough times with cancer as I did and telling them my story might help them have hope that they too will get better.”

This story, written by Sisi when she was 11-years-old, will delight children, teens, and adults alike. Featuring original art by Sisi, “She-Warrior” is the true story of an inspiring little girl with a big personality who navigates adversity with humour and resilience. Sis’s debut book is written with a youthful spirit capturing the optimism and resilience of childhood.

Sisi Kleiner-Fisman lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she is a grade 5 student. She loves singing, dancing, performing in musical theatre, drawing and painting, and spending time with her friends and family.

While Sisi still has some hurdles to conquer due to the effects of radiation, she plans to be a child psychologist. Sisi says “I want to help kids cope with their feelings and anxieties because I know what it’s like”. She will impact others, knowing what it is like to be vulnerable and in need of support and encouragement.