Hamilton EDM Artist Paul Manchin Returns with Master Album, Eliciting Nostalgia with “First”

Hamilton solo artist Paul Manchin, whose songs have charted on international radio, is ready to rock the airwaves again with the release of a new album inspired by a song that takes listeners on a nostalgic journey down memory lane.

The indie singer and songwriter from Toronto announced he will officially unveil the album, Master, out now.

It will consist of 40 tracks, some of which have already been released in the past digitally. But it was when the musician was visiting his family and reflecting on his life that he thought to include them into the new double compilation CD album.

Manchin was transported back to his childhood and expressed that by picking up a pen and sitting down at his piano. Together, with Black Jack, they produced ‘First’, a powerful single which Manchin unveils in the upcoming album.

The artist approaches every album as if it’s his last, but ironically this song is about first experiences, and how they’ve influenced Manchin’s life, helped pave the way for Master, a record of all sorts of memories, emotions and thoughts combined into one soul-stirring tracklist.

“When I bring an album to life it has to create some kind of meaning. Every project I write about is with the intention that it will be my last,” he says.

The single, where Manchin shows off his penchant for the piano, is also accompanied by an equally provocative music video, shot this summer, and shows the gestation of a child in a mother’s womb representing birth, the future and daily life.

The rest of the album promises to strike a chord with many listeners as it continues to explore life’s key themes such as relationships, identity, rebirth, loss, mortality, time, love and heartbreak.

“My greatest goal is to create energy and a soul that is prepared to be free. My music has always been about diversity, and I have a love for all people,” he says.

Manchin, whose musical journey started when he was five years old after his sister asked him to write a song for her French Teacher called ‘Ferme la bouche (Shut your mouth)’, has released many digital albums, with his latest in 2020; ‘Don’t Love You Anymore’.

Paul’s music has aired on Sirius XM, NBC’s House of Mystery Radio, ‘The Afternoon Drive Show Top Tracks’, and charted on radio stations around the world. His music was included on a number of compilation recordings, such as Promo Only, WeMix and Xtendamix. Manchin’s music has received airplay on Citytv, MTV, VH1, Bravo, Omni, Chin, Camoes and Backstage Pass. In addition, his music has been reviewed in Billboard, Cashbox, HOLR, Canadian Music Blog, Exclaim and Spill Magazine.

Producers on Master include David Bottrill, Moe Berg, Chris Briscoe, Brent Bodrug, Denzil Remedios, Black Jack and Paul Manchin. Remixers include Jack D. Elliot and Spyros Poulos.