Logan Brown: A Decade in Entertainment, Combines Comedy and Music For New Album ‘Black Man, White Privilege’

Logan Brown has been carving his path in the entertainment industry for over a decade, sharing stages with some of Canada’s top comedians and establishing himself as a notable act. Now, the Kingston, ON-born, Ottawa, ON-based musician introduces a humorous blend of comedy and music into his acts.

Brown is exploring the musical comedy universe and will make space for it with his debut album, “Black Man, White Privilege.” The provocative name comes from Brown’s heritage history. “Despite being a split between Irish and Nigerian I look like an extra from the Sopranos or your least favorite uncle after a trip to Florida.”

Even the album cover follows this witty intelligent provocative set, featuring Logan as a young boy wearing a ballerina skirt, joyfully playing in a toy kitchen. It subtly hints at the evolving understanding of privilege that resonates within the artist’s work.

However talented in music and in comedy, for a while in separated creative spaces, Brown is very passionate about comedy alone, and for a long period of unstable mental health, turned to that as a force to keep going.

“Comedy saved my life not because I connected with a particular comic’s viewpoints or political ideologies, but because the involuntary compulsion to laugh is something I couldn’t avoid no matter how deep into depression I was.”

“Black Man, White Privilege” holds 12 tracks, with extremely funny and sarcastic, but provocative lyrics. “The album is an accurate representation of the type of humor I excel in,” he says.

His light-hearted humor touches on a wide range of topics in its melodies, from race to mental health, and even the quirkiest aspects of everyday life. Logan’s unpretentious wit, complemented by catchy melodies, offers an experience that’s equally enjoyable upon repeated listening.

Each tune in “Black Man, White Privilege” is like a whimsical escape from the mundane. Whether it’s a witty exploration of the profound love some have for their furry companions in “Just Kidding,” a wink-and-nod contemplation of aging and the pursuit of eternal passion (although he’s now divorced) in “Middle Aged Love,” and a lot more.

“The creation of each song begins with a simple query: “Is this humorous?” And it only ends when I catch myself chuckling solo in my car or strumming my guitar at home – my rather suave way of saying, “Absolutely,” affirms the musical comedian.

On “Secret Burger,” the 7th track of the album, Brown tells us a little tale of how whenever his wife asks him to go to the drive-thru, he gets himself a secret burger – a different packing, different everything, just a little extra fat added to the system, a little guilty pleasure no one will know.

‘What my wife don’t know could never hurt her
So I get myself a secret burger
Always on impulse never planned
Last minute purchase at the drive thru stand
Don’t need a wrapper just throw it in my face
And forget you ever saw me set foot in this lace’

Brown was raised on a diet of Weird Al, Tenacious D, Flight of the Conchords, The Lonely Island, Garfunkel & Oates, and more. Witnessing the landscape of musical comedy deteriorate into a mess of lackluster jokes, forced puns, pretentiousness, and subpar musicality, he embarked on a mission: his goal was to create not just a comedy album he could be proud of, but also one that he believed was absent from the musical comedy scene—a creation that would make anyone, even if not himself, laugh their heart out upon listening.

When Logan is not on stage, you can find him on the podcast “That’s Ruckus Baby” with his two best friends in Ruckus Productions.