Watch ‘Fishing With John Lurie’ TV Show Featuring Tom Waits

“Fishing with John” is a cult television series from the 1990s created by actor and musician John Lurie. The show features Lurie taking various celebrity guests on fishing expeditions in different parts of the world. Each episode follows a humorous and offbeat format, with the fishing itself often taking a back seat to the interactions and comedic situations that arise during the trips.

Episode 2 of “Fishing with John” features the musician and actor Tom Waits. In this episode, John Lurie and Tom Waits embark on a fishing adventure in the wilds of Montauk, New York. The show is known for its deadpan humor and unconventional take on the fishing and travel documentary genre.

Throughout the episode, Lurie and Waits engage in quirky conversations and bizarre situations while attempting to catch fish. The two share amusing and absurd moments, such as Tom Waits catching fish with his bare hands, and their interactions are filled with dry humor and a surreal atmosphere.

“Fishing with John” is a unique and unconventional series that has gained a cult following over the years, thanks to its eccentric approach to celebrity-driven travel and fishing shows. Tom Waits’ appearance in this particular episode adds to the show’s charm, and fans of both John Lurie and Tom Waits often find it an entertaining and eccentric experience.