TikTok Releases Most Popular Artists And Tracks Of 2023

2023 was the year we learned a new life hack (or two!), laughed out loud – and couldn’t stop thinking about the Roman Empire. Their global community of over 1 billion people continues to come together to connect on TikTok, positively influencing culture and impacting lives.

From foolproof recipes to funny skits, throwback tracks and thriving small businesses, the TikTok community continued creating, connecting and celebrating authenticity on TikTok throughout 2023. In Canada, we learned how to pick the perfect watermelon, found “the keys to my beamer” and helped sell out the sweet treats from local small businesses.

“Year on TikTok 2023 is a way for us to honour some of the standout moments that have happened on TikTok throughout the year. It’s a window into stories that have inspired, entertained and educated over 1 billion people around the world. Thank you for another year of bringing joy to our community and sharing your creativity with us,” said Adam Presser, Head of Operations, TikTok.

In the last five years, TikTok has become the home for music discovery and place for artists at all stages in their journey, from emerging artists to global superstars. Today we celebrate the artists and tracks that shaped TikTok in 2023. This includes the top songs that soundtracked the year, the most viewed Canadian artists.

Join us as we stroll down memory lane and look back on an incredible year that saw us learning, laughing, inspiring, imagining, entertaining and exploring – as we scroll back to this year’s most memorable trends, creators and moments with our community.