Alt-Pop Artist Artemas Shares New Single “ur special to me”

 Today, self-taught songwriter/producer Artemas shares his latest high energy, explosive single, “ur special to me.” Listen HERE via 10K Projects.

With its rumbling bassline and hard-hitting drums, Artemas’ new track “ur special to me” combines his grunge sensibilities with pop ear worm melodies. Like much of the London-based musician’s infectious creations, the new track is an esoteric approach to pop music, fusing Artemas’ influences seamlessly through his unique voice, production style, and songwriting. Contrasting intoxicating, breathy falsetto lines over a distorted bass and hard-hitting drums, he creates a mysterious, dark anthem that blurs the boundaries of genre. Along with the brand new song, Artemas has announced his upcoming mixtape which includes previously released tracks like “if u think I’m pretty” “just want u to feel something” and “cross my heart.”

If Artemas’ dazzling falsetto sounds familiar, it’s most likely because of his inescapable smash “if u think i’m pretty,” which has racked up an astonishing 45 million streams and over 100K TikTok videos since its release in October. Coming out of massive highs from last year’s release, he dropped “prettygrunge.wav” the grunge version of his massive hit “if u think I’m pretty,” deviating from the formula of releasing a sped-up and slowed-down version of each song. Earlier this week, he debuted on Zane Lowe’s “24 for ‘24” – a roster curated by Lowe and Jeremy Degan to spotlight the new artists to watch in 2024.

Since releasing a song nearly every month since May, the pop savant hailed by Ones to Watch as “one of the most consistent new artists in recent memory” has racked up tens of millions of streams and built a strong community through the power of the internet.

At 24-years-old, Artemas, has only been releasing music since late 2020 but is fast developing a distinctive alternative pop sound through his relatable songwriting and captivating melodies. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist and unashamed pop music fan is a student of the YouTube generation of songwriters/producers. Hailing from Oxfordshire, but now based in London, Artemas made the most of being restricted to his bedroom over the past couple of years, spending most waking hours during that time honing his studio craft. With recent singles “cross my heart” and “if you think i’m pretty” amassing tens of millions of streams, and over 4.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, Artemas looks ahead to 2024 ready to deliver his best work yet.

The 24-year-old musician’s dark R&B leanings transport listeners right into quiet night drives, lingering glances in the club, and the anticipatory feeling after the door lock clicks. “ur special to me,” which is just as much Fiona Apple as it is The Weeknd, is another notch in Artemas’ belt that’s sure to satisfy fans and create new ones.

Next month Artemas will make his headline debut at London’s The Lower Third with tickets selling out in under 20 mins for the two shows on 14th & 16th Feb, with the promise of more live shows to follow.