Karan Aujla Releases “Making Memories (Unplugged),” Acoustic Offering Following Acclaimed Studio Album

Today, Karan Aujla treats his fans as he unveils an acoustic offering of songs from his acclaimed Making Memories album.

The stripped down, unplugged rendition hears Karan Aujla perform “Bachke,” “Admirin’ You,” and “What…?” in a fresh new way, adding new life and meaning to the trio of songs.

“I knew these three singles were the perfect ones to perform acoustically and I hope fans enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed performing them,” Karan says of his curation.

Rounding out a groundbreaking year, Karan Aujla ended 2023 by collaborating with Grammy Award winning DJ and producer Tiësto for an official remix of “Softly” – listen here. The remix premiered at Etihad Park in the first after-race concert of this year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where more than 20,000 fans gave the sound of approval.

2023 was a major year for Karan Aujla. His second studio album Making Memories hit #1 on Apple Music in India and Canada; debuted at #3 on the Spotify Global Top Album Chart and hit #1 on Apple Music in India and Canada. He was the first Indian artist to cover Apple’s New Music Daily global playlist with an exclusive interview on the Zane Lowe show. Making Memories has now surpassed 313 million streams and celebrates a new era of Punjabi music as Karan Aujla and executive producer Ikky portray the perfect fusion of western sounds and traditional Punjabi language.

Karan Aujla was born and raised in the village of Ghurala in Northern Punjab amidst the rural and farm lifestyle. At a young age, both of Aujla’s parents passed away and creating rhymes and writing was a pacifier and escape for Karan. When he discovered Punjabi folk music after his parent’s death, he was ultimately inspired to delve into the world of songwriting and realized that he had a unique talent with the pen. Karan Aujla relocated to British Columbia, Canada and during his high school years, he was sought out by many Punjabi artists as a songwriter and would go on to write several singles for the most prominent Punjabi artists at the time. With fate at work, one of Karan’s songs as a full-fledged artist rather than writer garnered international buzz in the Punjabi community worldwide. His debut album, BacTHAfuKUP (B.T.F.U.), released in 2021, highlights his vocal prowess in unison with trance-like Punjabi folk production. This album solidified his place as a global ambassador of Punjabi music worldwide, with a hundred million streams across streaming platforms, and #6 placement on Spotify’s Global Chart. That same year, Karan was dubbed India’s most prominent artist as he was ranked #38 on the Global Digital Artist Ranking. Karan is approaching over 3 billion views on YouTube, has garnered over one billion audio streams, and 8 million followers across his social media channels. Equipped with a love of traditional folk Punjabi music and an affinity for melodic hip-hop and trap R&B from moving to Canada – Karan’s sonic essence elevated to uncharted heights. His cumulative musical experience has resulted in a fusion of Punjabi and North American sounds, where Karan serves as a cultural bridge.