Lum Navigates Complex Ties Of Love And Friendship In New Pop-Rap Release “Motions”

Taking the new year by storm, LUM stirs the pot of emotions with “Motions”, a pop-rap journey through relational tides produced by award winning rap producer BNoise (Rylo Rodriguez, NoCap). “Motions” is an anthem steeped in resilience, resonating with the heart’s complex bonds—family, friends, love.

Hot on the heels of hits like “Temptation” and “4 Sho”, which allowed LUM to grace the likes of Amazon Music’s Rotation North and Toronto’s Yonge/Dundas Square, his latest release explores his vulnerable side – the relatable story, a testament to the steadfast beat of life’s relentless pulse. Previously touted by DSPs such as Apple Music’s Rap Life, The Plug and Superbloom, LUM’s artistry glides with “Motions,” a single that not only highlights his melodic versatility but promises fans a gripping musical experience. Listen to “Motions” HERE.

For Windsor rapper-singer LUM, relatability is the key to success. The 20-year-old artist is one of the first out of Windsor to gain buzz, and with his future tracks, his knack for catchy hooks and grounded lyricism captures the pains and triumphs of love and happiness. Channeling his pain from a period of homelessness as a teenager and a lack of support around him, Lum acknowledges that: “Nobody’s really done hip-hop or music outta my city like that,” he explains. “It’ll allow [younger kids from my city] to be like ‘Yo, if he can do it, I can do it. I’m not alone.’” The influence he’s gleaned from studio sessions with exciting talent is evident in his voice, but LUM isn’t content to put himself in a box. His brand of edifying, emotionally raw music is universal; and he’s excited to connect with fans of rap, R&B, pop and beyond. 

Rounding out 2023 on a high note, several accolades and hard hitting collaborations created well deserved buzz for the rising star.  The cross-border collaboration “Temptation” with LUM, Warner Music Australia artist Oliver Cronin, and independent artist KILJ explored the unique worlds of the three artists, seamlessly blending originality with authenticity. The release of his melodic hip-hop ballad “4 SHO” saw an organic collaboration with Dom Vallie, a Toronto artist whose talent LUM has closely admired. 

LUM was named Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Canadian artist in July 2023, and was selected for the cover of SoundCloud’s emerging artist playlist The Lookout.’ Performing as a direct support for Snotty Nose Rez Kids during their Hot Planet Winter 2024 tour dates earlier this month, which included a sold out tour date, 2024 promises to be a breakout year for the Windsor-born artist.