Exploring Positive Environmental Developments Around the World In AN OPTIMIST’S GUIDE TO THE PLANET WITH NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU

Crave announced today that its new six-part original docuseries AN OPTIMIST’S GUIDE TO THE PLANET WITH NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU premieres on Thursday, February 8. A Canada-United Kingdom co-production produced in association with Bloomberg Media, the series follows the Emmy nominated actor and Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Development Program as he journeys around the world, discovering innovative and inspiring initiatives that could help the Earth. The remaining five episodes drop weekly on Thursdays.

With an emphasis on transforming environmental pessimism into hope, climate angst into optimism, and human disconnection into engagement, AN OPTIMIST’S GUIDE TO THE PLANET captures Coster-Waldau’s world-wide search for people-led ideas, traditions, and attitudes helping drive humanity toward a brighter, more sustainable future. The series travels to countries including Greenland, Australia, Mexico, Vietnam, Germany, The United States, The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, St. Vincent, Vietnam, and Kenya, uncovering initiatives such as sustainable food growth, carbon neutral jet fuel, tiny worms that can break down plastics, and more.

Each episode of the series is structured as an organic exploration focused on a broad theme – Shelter, Regenerate, Nourish, Move, and Transform. Covering three to four different stories, characters, and cultures per episode, the series premiere, Dusk or Dawn, explores the difference between the coming of darkness and the beginning of new light in locations Greenland, Australia, The United States, and Japan.