Lover Girls Flyana Boss Gush Over Their “Candyman” In New Bop Out Now

Breakout rap duo Flyana Boss drops their first single of 2024, “Candyman”, available everywhere now via vnclm_ x Atlantic Records. Bobbi and Folayan gush over their “candyman” all while spitting witty bars over the infectious beat produced by their hit-making collaborator, Marky Style.

“The cat is out of the bag, it’s time the world know, we’re true lover girls at heart and ‘Candyman’ is for all the sweethearts out there.” – Flyana Boss

The duo will hit the road again, following their first tour run as support for Janelle Monáe’s “The Age Of Pleasure” Tour and surprise guest run on Ke$ha’s “The Only Love” Tour, this time with their own headlining show. The 18-city tour kicks off on February 24, 2024 at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, IL. The viral sensations will make stops in their home cities of Detroit and Dallas, in addition to Toronto, Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Denver, and more before wrapping the tour in their home-base, Los Angeles.

Hailing from Detroit, MI and Dallas, TX respectively, Bobbi and Folayan met at a music college in Los Angeles where they immediately hit it off and began collaborating. The fierce duo adopted the name Flyana Boss (rhymes with Diana Ross), repping the Vagina Dynasty while simultaneously embodying the spirit of flyness and bossness. Together, Bobbi and Folayan form a formidable union that pushes the boundaries of contemporary hip-hop, seamlessly blending their individual strengths to create a sound that is distinctively Flyana Boss. Bobbi brings a knack for storytelling and infuses her music with authenticity and vulnerability as Folayan effortlessly switches between different styles and genres, adding depth and dimension to Flyana Boss’ one-of-a-kind music.