Mattel and Google Reinvents the View-Master Toy to use with a Smartphone

For over 75 years, generations of kids have been introduced to the wonder of 3D by View-Master. Today Mattel are reimagining an entirely new way to explore and discover the world around you.


Mattel’s new View-Master viewer offers an easy-to-use and affordable platform that will empower users to take dynamic field trips where they can explore famous places, landmarks, nature, planets and more in 360 degree “photospheres.” By pairing the View-Master® “experience reel” and app with a compatible Android smartphone, users will immediately find themselves immersed in an imaginative and interactive learning environment.

Take a virtual field trip to Paris and sit in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower as it soars above you. Visit historic Alcatraz Island and interact with your surroundings to discover fun facts.

Travel through time and space in ways you never thought possible. Watch as the solar system comes to life on your kitchen table or share with a friend to view the constellations overhead.