Guy Creates TV’s The Golden Girls Living Room and Kitchen Modular Set with LEGO

Samuel Hatmaker must be a pretty big LEGO fan. He also must be a big watcher of the TV show The Golden Girls, because he combined both into a set design worthy of the internet going crazy for this.

Samuel submitted it to LEGO Ideas, and the project has already drawn 10,000 votes, enough to send it to LEGO design experts for evaluation. Hatmaker explains the proposed set:

This is a recreation of the Golden Girls House used in filming the popular 1980’s show that is still watched daily around the world. It is the Foyer, Living Room, and Kitchen built like a TV set, with one wall removed and a full view into the space. It comes with 5 minifigures including Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, Blanche, and Stanley. It has been meticulously recreated to have opening cupboards and fridge in the kitchen, Wicker Sofa and Chairs, a hallway backdrop, a storage closet in the kitchen, and an outdoor area with potted plants and a hose.

I don’t know who would really buy this, but then, most of the watchers of the show were likely around when LEGO was first invented.